News - This "no Recoil" Vel 46 Class Setup Is Breaking Warzone 2 Lobbies. Best Vel 46 Loadout & Tunes

best mw2 vel 46 class

The Vel 46 has the best handling out of all the SMGs in Modern Warfare 2 and the second-best fire rate only behind the Fennec 45. As always, let's start with our secondary, but we have things mixed up a bit today because I have a Kimbo with a different laser because I'm going for camo challenges. This is the one-milliwatt pistol or the SA long-shot 50-barrel rifle with the SA hair trigger in the 13-round magazine.

Pack those stun lethals with a Semtex perk package, one of which is double Time battle hard and fast hands Quick Fix field upgrades are dead silence in Munitions Box on to vel 46. As always, we're going to start with the attachments that have no tuning. The laser slot never has any tunings, at least as far as I'm aware, and this is also step one to boosting the aim down sight speed and sprint to fire speed in the already stacked handling category.

If a gun already has a category in which it is literally the best in the entire SMG category, it never hurts to double down on that category, plus we're getting some accuracy from the aiming stability and then coming up to the rear grip. We have the ZLR, or combat grip, which is just the recoil control grip.

best vel 46 class

For the sprint to fire speed, it is negative 0.20, and for the aimed on sight speed, it is supposed to be negative 0.25. Up to the stock, we have the demo rxt. Across the board, this is a speed stock. Crouch movement speed and aim down sight with a little bit of hit to recoil control, but we just offset that with the last attachment, so we're good for this one.

This is the stock you're going to want to use if you want to go for the hybrid build that I used in the gameplay that comes after this class setup if you want more of a run and gun, just hair on fire style. Bell 46, Class, you can use the Vela collapse, stock This gives a really big boost to your mobility and handling at the cost of a really big detriment to your accuracy and recoil control.

You're Gonna Want This stock and then coming into the tunings, we have aim down sight speed and aim idle stability. Both of these numbers are supposed to be 1.3. Going up to the underbarrel, the schlager tango has made a return. This is hip-fire accuracy and aim-walk steadiness. and recoil; steadiness Now again, the reason I've picked the schlager, Tango, is that it basically has what I want with the least amount of downside and the least amount of penalties for what I want.

best vel 46 class modern warfare 2

Since the majority of the heavy lifting in terms of the recoil is going to come from the muzzle device, which is next, and the grip, which we already talked about, we can take a little bit of a back seat to the schlager. Tango. Here, we don't need a heavy lifting grip or the schlager; tango tuning is aimed at sight speed and hip recoil control.

The downside is negative point 10 recoil, control is positive 0.50, and finally for the muzzle device, we have the X10RR40 suppressor; this is sound suppression bullet velocity damage range, and like I said, with recoil and smoothness, we are losing aimed on sight speed and aiming stability, but the handling for this gun in general has been completely buffed out of the Wazoo, so we can take a bit of a hit here, and I will also say this before we move on for this particular build of the VEL46.

best vel 46 class mw2

I do feel this is the better option as opposed to one of the barrels. Unless you're going for an extreme version of the vel46, like the max damage or the max movement version of this weapon, there's no real reason to use one of the barrels; they don't really do much, at least something that this suppressor doesn't do because you're getting damage and range plus its silence, which is not to love, and for the muzzle tuning.

It is recoil smoothness and bullet velocity; both of these numbers are supposed to be plus 25. And, here we have a look at all five attachments, all at once in their final form. Boss battle form Ready for War I really wouldn't recommend changing any of these attachments, but like I said, maybe if you want to try out the Speedy stock as opposed to the hybrid stock, go for that again; that's up to you.

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