News - This Insane "vel 46" Setup Dropped Me 193 Kills. Best Vel 46 Class Setup Warzone 2

193 kills

We're going to go ahead and get into all that right here. We're having a battle; I got it, and we are here today with the valve 46. This is the weapon we were using in today's gameplay that you're going to see after the class that appears 193. Kill gameplay is very, very crazy stuff. The attachments that we're using here today you can copy and give a go.

We do have some tuning for it as well, so you've got to make sure you have your gun maxed out at level 29 to be able to use these. The first attachment that we're going to run into here is the X10 Razer Comp muzzle.

Xten razor comp

Xten razor comp

This muzzle is going to give you horizontal and vertical recoil control characteristics aimed at sight speed and aiming stability. Go ahead and get into the tune over here. You can see that on the left side, there it is at 0.49, Close to the recoil stabilization at the bottom, it is at a negative 0.29, very close to the aiming idle stability.

This is going to give you a huge boost to your recoil control and a boost to your accuracy. The second attachment is the phase three grip under the barrel, which is going to give you aiming stability, hip fire accuracy, and recoil stabilization. Khan's walking speed and aim-down sight speed are what we get into on this one.

On the left side, there is a reading of 0.52. Close to the recoil stabilization at the bottom, it is at 0.15, closer to aiming idle stability; this is going to you; the same amount of boost to your accuracy and a bit of a boost to your recoil control. The better attachment on our weapon here today does not have any weapon tuning.

All you've got to do is plop on the VLK LZR, a 7-megawatt laser.

Vlk lzr 7mw

This laser will give you aim-down sight speed, aiming stability, and spread-to-fire speed. Laser visibility, which does not matter on shipments, do not worry about that. The attachment here is the Chrono Mini Pro. I absolutely love putting this on most of my weapons, and here today on the tuning, we have negative, 1.94, closer to aimed on sight speed, and at the bottom, it's all the way over to the right of the far range.

It's going to give you a bit of a boost to your range and accuracy.

Demo rxt stock

Demo rxt stock

Definitely put that on as well, and then our fifth and final attachment here is the demo RXT stock; this stock is going to give you crouch movement speed, sprint speed, and aim downside speed with minimal recoil and good control. We go ahead and get into the tune over here, and it's going to be at a negative 2.71, closer to the inbound side speed, and at the bottom, we have it at 1.32, closer to aiming for idle stability.

This is going to give you a boost to your mobility and handling; definitely give that a go as well. Those are the five attachments on our valve 46 today that we are using in today's gameplay. Copy it and give it a go. Go ahead and get into the firing range. You can see that the aim speed is very, very good.

It's going to do you pretty good on shipment, and the recoil control on this weapon is going to be very, very good. On shipment, you're not going to have to worry about somebody being that far; just this mid-range guy, just as close to the mid-range guy, and the shots are hitting, so in our back pocket here, we do have a ride shield.

Riot shield

Make sure you plop on Overkill to put on this riding shield. It's amazing to have this on at all times because you're probably not going to be really using your secondary unless you're going for like camels or something.

Perk package 3 package

They shot Claymore, and my product package includes Overkill Scavenger.

Fast hands and quick fixes, and then finally, here we have an ammo box.

Battle rage

Battle rage

Another good thing to run if you don't want to run an ammo box is the battle rage. Battle rage is a really, really good thing that just kind of, you know, makes you an insane soldier on the map. If you're not dying, they're going to have a lot harder time killing you when you have this activated, and that is going to do it for our class setup.

Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, let's go; it's in it. 193, and 17 dropped the nuke and choked the second one, but, hey, man, what a game! If I had been able to use my Juggernaut at the end, I probably would have gotten it sooner. I probably could have had the 200-plus kills right there.

I just needed to get that second Juggernaut a lot

This INSANE "VEL 46" SETUP DROPPED ME 193 KILLS. Best VEL 46 Class Setup Modern Warfare 2.
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