News - The Smg You Need To Try Warzone 2. Best Vaznev Build &tuning

2 shot vaznev 9k

youtubers i hope you guys are having a fantastic day. In today's article, we're dropping an absolute banger for you with the Vasnif 9K SMG, which is something that's very good off-ground loot. That's how to make a loadout with it, and it's actually insane. It could potentially be the SMG metal with a Finnegan's nerve.

You guys have got to try it. We're going to go down towards aim walking speed and over towards aim sight speed, so for walk speed, we're going to put this at about a. Right here, negative 39 pounds towards a walking speed and towards 80s speed, we're going to go negative 0.28 inches towards ads speed again, jumping aboard with a second attachment for the laser, and we're going to rock the FSS.

OV laser for the enhanced ads speed aiming stability, and Sprint to fire speed. Faster acting, quick, and not getting called out with our gun on our side basically means we are caught sprinting, and if we are caught sprinting, this is helping us get it up so we can kill our opponent faster than they can kill us, which is the goal of the difficult board with the third attachment for the Vasive.

best smg mw2

We're going to rock the Marquis R7 stock for the enhanced Crouch movement speed, Sprint speed, and aimb down sight speed again. High Mobility SMG, we want to be able to get our gun up quick ads, quick, so we want fast ads speed and enhanced Sprint speed for that SMG build coming on board with the tuning for the Marquiv R7 stock, we're gonna go down towards aim down sight speed, we're gonna put that in about negative 161 ounces towards aim down sight speed, and we're gonna go over towards aim walking speed again and put this at negative 1.34 inches towards a walking speed jumping, on board with the fourth attachment we're gonna go down here on the rear grip, and we're gonna rock the true attack grip for the enhanced Sprint to fire speed and aim down side speed for the true tag grip We're going to go towards aim down sight speed again for Max ads speed, and we're going to leave that at about -0.42 ounces, and toward enhanced spring for the firing speed as well.

best vaznev 9k class

We're doing this for about all these builds and about negative. 0.21 inches towards spreading the fire speed if the recoil is a little bit too much for you, you can go ahead and go up here to the barrel and you can max this out up here if this is going to help you out and you can play with that, or you can go ahead and go up here to the barrel and you can max this out up here and play with that totally, personal preference for the article.

I was using it for aiming walking speed, ads speed, and on the rear grip, and we'll aim down sight speed and sprint the fire speed, but that becomes a personal premise for you, which is what's going to make it easier or make the gun perform better for you jumping. On board with the fifth and final attachment, of course we're going to rock the 45-round mag so we can get our knocks and our kills, which are absolutely crucial for this class and up.

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