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best sakin mg38 class

This thing has zero recoil, making it a great time to kill, and it honestly might be the new meta, so in today's article, we're going to break down the no-recoil Sega mg38. Let's get into it. So jumping straight into the first attachment, guys, we do want to throw the Bruin Warrior LMG under the bus.

And for the under-barrel tuning, we want to max out the recoil stabilization and the aiming out of stability because we do want to get the maximum effect we possibly can out of this. Next up, in perfect pairing with the Bruin Warrior, we are going to be using a muzzle, and we want to use the ZLR. Talon: This suppressor is going to give us bullet velocity, damage range, and recourse moonness, making this gun excel from very far distances and just feel much better overall.

And for the muzzle tuning, we've already maxed out the bullet velocity and the recoil smoothness, so we definitely want to max out the bullet velocity because we are not going to be using high velocity on this build, so that is really going to help us out. For attachment number three, we do want to throw on a barrel, and we're going to be using the Brew and Silver Series.

best sakin mg38 class setup

This thing will be an absolute laser from pretty much any distance, and for the barrel tuning, we do want to match the recoil steadiness and the damage range, just further increasing the max range at which we will be able to use this thing before I finish off the rest of the build. Since these three attachments are going to get rid of a lot of aim-down sight speed, we want to counter that with a laser, and we are going to be using the FSS and OV lasers.

This thing's going to give us a huge boost to aim down sight and sprint to fire speed, giving us a very snappy aim down sight while maintaining a very good recoil, control, and damage range. For the laser tuning, we want to max it all the way to aim down sight and sprint to fire speed because we do want these stats to stay as fast as they can.

best sakin mg38 class warzone 2

For the last attachment, we do of course need an optic now, and I always like to stick with the trusty Ammo pv4, which is in my opinion the cleanest and best overall optic in all four Zone 2 objects because it does actually give us zero visual recoil, which a lot of the other objects don't do, and for the optic tuning, we do want to max it to aim down sight speed because Flinch is pretty much non-existent in this game, so we don't really need that, and on the bottom, this one is whatever you like better, but I personally like to use it on Far Here, the full no recoil Saken mg38, which was built in Warzone 2 season 2 reloaded.

Also, stick around for this gameplay, where I drop a 36-kill game using this broken

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