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best sakin mg38 class

The number one second mg38 build had me dropping a 29-kill game in solo squads, so in today's article, I'm going to break down this overpowered second mg build. Let's get into it. Jumping straight into the first attachment, guys, we want to throw on an under barrel, and we're going to use the Bruin Warrior LMG.

And for the under-barrel tuning, we want to max out the Amy Idol stability and the Recoil stabilization. For the second attachment, guys, we want to throw on the zor talon and muzzle. This is going to help us out even more in the long-range fights by giving us damage range recoil, smoothness, and bullet velocity, and for the muzzle tuning, we want to max the bullet velocity and the recoil, smoothness, and smoothness.

andsmoothness The maximum bowl of velocity is going to be very nice because we're not going to be using high velocity on this build, and the recoil smoothness is just going to make this gun feel much better overall. For the third attachment, we do want to throw on a barrel, and we're going to use the Bruin Silver Series.

best sakin mg38 class warzone 2

This is going to give us more bullet velocity, damage range, recoil, and control, making this gun feel much better all around, especially at longer distances and with the bore tuning. We want to maximize the damage range as well as the recoil steadiness because we do want this gun to be useful from as far away as it possibly can be.

As I finish off the build, guys, I wanted to say that 98.6% of you guys who watch my articles have not yet subscribed. It would really help us out next up, which is where things do get a little bit different compared to our normal long-range weapon builds. We want to use a laser, so we're going to slap on the FSS, old V laser since all of the attachments we have already put on are going to be minusing our aim down sight speed; we want to even that out by putting on this laser, because this thing is going to give us a massive buff to aim down sight and turn to fire speed, and for the laser tuning, we do know how to max out Sprint to Fire and aim down sight speed because we do want these two stats to be as fast as they possibly can be.

best sakin mg38 loadout

And for the fifth and final attach, we do, of course, need a weapon, so we're going to throw on the PV. This is the cleanest and most commonly used optic, and in my opinion, the best optic in all of War Zone 2. It's going to give us zero visual recoil, and it's just very easy to use all around, and for the optic tuning, we want to max it to aim down sight speed because the Flinch is already very easy to manage in this game, and on the bottom bar, this one is a personal reference, so you can access whatever one you like more, but I personally like to use far, and that's what we will be using in the gameplay.

Here's the full number one second mg class setup in Warzone 2. Also, stick around because we'll pop off with this thing and drop a 29-kill game in solo

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