News - The "no Recoil" Fennec 45 Is Broken Warzone 2. Best Fennec 45 Class Setup-loadout

best fennec 45 class

It's epic here, and in today's article, I have a no-recoil Benck 45 CL up here in MW3. Let's get right into the attachments. Now for the barrel, I had the forge Tac Ninja, so whenever I shot, my red dot would pop up on the radar, which is basically giving you a suppressor as well. You're getting bullet velocity, range gun kyck control, and recoil control, which helps out this gun a lot, and then for the underbarrel.

I had the Brewing tactical vertical grip, which is going to give you aim stability, gun kit control, as well as hip fire and tack stand spread. For the magazine, I had the 45-round mag; it just felt like even with the 30-round mag or the base mag, I was reloading constantly, so definitely rock this.

For the rear grip, I have the fenex stipple grip for the gunet control and recoil control, and then for the stock, I have the angled Assault 7 stock for the aim walking speed. Crouch movement speed, ad speed, and sprint speed Here's the full cost up on the screen. Make sure you guys pause the article if you guys need to secondary I had my SMG Retti class setup, tactical ad stim shot lethal Sunex field upgrade.

I had Munitions Box for the gloves; I had Scavenger Boots; I had tactical; and then for the gear. I had EOD padding; for the vest. I had the demolitions vest; and here is the full classup yet again on the screen. Peace all right, today we're using the fenic from MW2. Let's see how it does in MW3.

best fennec 45 class setup

I haven't tried it at all; I haven't even tried it in the firing range. The ads aren't too fast, but you're going to want to keep them like that just because of the recoil. Control: This one has zero recoil whatsoever, as this thing actually is. Here, I want to try Cap B, but I know they're going to be coming from the middle right.

Here, I didn't think he was going to spawn in that corner, though there are cappings. I want to try and get the a, but I also don't want to lose B. But there's only one person here, so we could kind of deplete it. At best, they're all pushing mid, which is a little bit harder for us to get the B flag.

We're going to try to get there without dying a thousand times. Sometimes they're all spawning in front of me, and I definitely bet there's going to be at least one person in one person in, B None of my teammates are there. I'm going to cap C just so we have two flags, at least because they're capping the flag I want.

best fennec 45 class setup mw3

I don't even know what freaking blueprint that dude's using, but it's dropping a bunch of eggs or something on the ground. Fic all, we got a, and now we got to get B really hard because my teammates aren't helping too much run over the B, so basically. I always get stuck like that reloading, which is pretty bad for this gun.

You could put a hand on it to help out, but sometimes the FL jacket helps you stay alive on your streaks.

Here's the NO RECOIL FENNEC 45 is BROKEN in MW3! Best Fennec 45 Class Setup-Loadout.
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