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Today i'm bringing you guys another best-class setup for the new Warzone update. Today we're going to take a look at the new best concertosition, sixth update, which, to be honest. I didn't think was going to happen just because the new game is right around the corner and this season is going to be way shorter than the ones that we had recently, and I'm just really, let's call me out guard when they're not season six.

I was like, because in my last class set of articles, I mentioned that might have been my last article in terms of class setups until the new game turns. It turns out I was wrong, but they made a couple of changes in this update, and we're going to talk about it, so let's get into it. The m13b did get a little bit of attention; it was a matter of like one day, and then they got kicked out for the Cronin again.

And then eventually we picked up the cast of 762, and we LED that into this new season, but both of them getting nerfed means there might be a new weapon that gets put into the meta. I think the M4 could be that weapon; it's been really, really good, and quite frankly. I think it's in the same conversation as those other two, and only time will tell if that should become meta, but I do believe this weapon right here will definitely see an increase in usage going forward in this update.

best mw2 ranked class

On to the next level, here we have the Lochman sub, which is a weapon that you shouldn't be surprised to see in this top five-class setup, and most importantly, it didn't actually get enough in this update. The only lockman that got changed was the lockerman shroud, and that one got kind of nerfed, in some aspects, but in some aspects, so there actually might be some attention there.

There might be a chance that gun comes into the meta or something, even though it's burst, but I've seen some people put in work with that gun or even some of the other guns I'll talk about here shortly. I got buffed, but I don't know if it could be interesting to see. I don't know if the bus that they made in this update will be enough to overthrow the Lochman sub, but it's kind of funny they didn't Nerf this weapon, but they nerfed the m13b like m13b, and my eyes weren't even really metal; it was getting used a little bit more frequently.

best ranked mw2 class

I really don't care, but you do. At the same time, I wish something new would come into the world, and hopefully with the next one that I'm going to talk about, that is possible, so let's move on to the next level. For the next weapon, we have the bass P, which at this point has become a regular on these articles just because this gun keeps getting buffed, and I keep thinking that with these buffs, that signifies a new era for the bad HP.

I've been one of the best females for quite some time in this update. I would have to say this might be the chance, like this might be the time it becomes better because the lock and stuff didn't get changed, the bell the vastness, and I saw all the top SMGs did not get changed but the bass did, and the bass was already in a good place in my opinion before this update because it's been buffed three times already.

best ranked warzone class

I think it's definitely on the edge of overcoming some of these SMGs, and I think with this buff and the fact that none of them have changed, there might be a chance here that we see a Bastion meta. Finally, after however long they've been trying, because they've been talking about this weapon as really heavy, they've been pushing this weapon to be meta, but we as a community have not accepted that.

Hopefully, this time we do accept that it's better than the login sub. Only time will tell, but I do think now, even if it's not better than the license sub. I think it'll be better than some of the other SMGs, like the vastness and ISO. Those guns are obviously really, really good, but in my opinion, the best is already competitive with them, and the fact that they're ending, like the last time we saw changes, those two weapons were nurse.

I believe, and these weapons have been consistently buffed since that time. I think at this point it may at least overcome those two SMGs, and then the vel46 and lightning sub. We'll have to wait and see how that turns out, but regardless, moving on to the next weapon. The one I'm looking out for is the rap H.

best smg wz2

There are a couple other candidates in the LNG category, but right now I would have to say the rap probably is the better LNG than all of them, or maybe even the HDR. One of those two, in my opinion, would be the ones that come out of this LMG class setup, or LMG category, as the metas. Um, but I don't know; we haven't really put med lmg metaphor quite some time ago.

The last time was obviously the RPK at the beginning of the game, but since then I feel like there were a lot of opportunities to put juice into metas, but it just never happened, so this is kind of a long shot just because we haven't done it this whole year. Maybe at the end of it we actually put an LG, no matter.

I'm not saying that we should or shouldn't, but considering that we're trying to look for the best weapons. I would argue that the rap age is definitely up there, and should I see some consideration for metal moving forward? But with that being said, let's get into the last one, and there we have the Lightman 556.

best warzone ranked class

But based on the information that we have in the patch notes, I do think that the login M4 or two of us should look out for to potentially take over the meta. I've already mentioned the art wrap page for the primary meta. I think the secondary meta is still kind of the same and is still going to stay the same.

We're almost to the new game, though, so I don't know if this is going to be as impactful. I don't know; at some point people are not going to care anymore, so maybe because we're really reaching the end here. Yeah, man, but that's all I got for you guys. Hopefully, these class setups will help you in the new season six update and help you guys get out there and get some dubs.

Just let them out in peace.

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