News - The New #1 Best Kastov 74u Class Setup Warzone 2. Best Kastov 74u Class Setup-best Loadout

best kastov 74u class

It's epic in today's article, we're going over the best castoff, 74U, here in MW2. Let's get right into the attachments for the rear grip. I have the demo X2 grip for The recoil control tuning on this L Slader is 87; the bottom slider is NE41 for the stock. I have the broadside fct for the Crouch movement speed, Sprint speed, ad speed, and aiming stability tuning on this left slider, which is 3.61, and the bottom slider, which is 1.78 for the barrel.

I have the BR 209 barrel for the movement speed, and the speed tuning on this left ladder is NE 29. The bottom slider is NE 8 for the muzzle. I have the echoless 80 for the sound suppression bullet velocity damage range recoil smoothness tuning on this L slauer. 1.13 bottom slider is 71, and then for the underbarrel, I have the FSS shark fin 90 for the aiming idle stability.

Two tunings on this left slider are NE48 and 49, and the bottom slider is NE25. Here's the full cost up on the screen. Make sure you guys pause the article if you need to. Now, I normally don't use the GS Magna, but here is the class setup I used on it. I'm not going to go too in-depth on it. tactical add-stim shot Lethal's TX perk package adds scavenger bomb squad pass, anti-alert, and field upgrades.

ad Munitions box and de silence Yet again, here is the full class up on the screen. Or today we're using the cast-off 74u.

Here's the NEW BEST KASTOV 74U CLASS SETUP in MW2! Best Kastov 74u Class Setup-Best Loadout.
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