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best kastov 74u class

So in today's Mall Free 2 article, we're going to be taking a look at the COSDOW 7 for you here in Modern Warfare 2. So here's my build for these seven that I'll be using in today's gameplay. We're not hopping into our class for the first attachment; we're going to the muzzle and adding on the hard Binger D20 suppressor.

Now this goes up with sound depression, full velocity, damage at range, and recoil smoothness, so when fighting our weapon, it's quiet and we're staying stealthy, so it's going to help us stay alive a lot longer to go on those kill streaks, or nuke streaks, and just to get higher kill games and stay alive a lot longer to build our higher kads, the bull velocity is going to help our bullets fly faster and air hit our targets faster, and our bolts are doing more damage at a longer distance now so you can cushion yourself from your opponent.

And also, this weapon gives you smooth recoil when using the suppressor now, so the kad For the next attachment we're going to be using the FSS shark fin 90 grip, now this can help with aiming idle stability, so when aiming down sides who are more stable, but we make this attachment a lot better when we tune this, which we'll get into in a second, now for the magazine we are running the 45-round mag.

best kastov 74u class modern warfare 2

I think you need a larger magazine for this weapon. You could be more aggressive, and you're going to see in today's gameplay that I get an 11-man feed when using just one magazine. I don't have to reload. It's a really nasty weapon that's super broken, and that's why it's G8 here in the competitive scene.

best kastov 74u class mw2

So make this weapon super-broken and use the 45-round magazine. For the rear grip, we're going to be using the true tag grip for that aim down size speed and that sprint to fire speed. Now this one attachment can help you be more aggressive for that aim down side speed getting into those gun fights, and the most important thing here is that you're shooting faster and also that Sprint speed is always helpful when having that aggressive play style, and then for our tunes for this weapon we're going to be running the old trees at stock for the aimwalking movement speeds when aiming down sights were walking faster and also that sprint speed is up, so running faster around the map if you're an objective player and if you're like the plank people around the map, it does come in clutch.

Now getting into our tunes for this weapon, we're going to go back to the suppressor here and tune this in. Max healthy bull velocity at one point zero This can help our bullets travel even faster now to hit our targets faster, and, also, the recoil's smoothness is going to give us that 0.90; our weapons are going to be super smooth, and you will see that in today's gameplay now.

For the shark fin 90, we're going to tune this and max out the aimwalky movement speed, so when aiming down sights, we're walking faster, and also the recoil stabilization, and you'll see that in today's gameplay. Now, for the true tag grip, we're going to max out the sprint to fire speed to be more aggressive here.

best kastov 74u class setup

We're going to shoot faster off a slant. Also, with the recoil setting this up, if I have to shoot for a long period of time, my weapon is going to stay steady, so you want to copy that down, and then for our final attachment, we're going to go to the old trees at stock and we're going to max out the aimwalk.

Our speed to our aim walking movement speed is going to be super fast if you are a pre-amer, like myself, then. Right, we got some Fortress. This is actually my favorite map in the game right now, so I will say hold on and let me shut this down. I don't know why there's a guy right here behind me.

My aim is awfully constipated. Lips that's what we're talking about. All right, let me just chuck that. All right, there we go, a little double kill. That's what I'm talking about. Okay, I don't see anybody. This ain't good. With the amount of CDL that I watch, I should know these rotations like the back of my hand.

Is he there? I was about to say whether I would have missed my shots. I would have been an upset man. They're 100 percent spun right here. Get your gun up, buddy. Get your gun up. I'm just going to call that in real quick. All right, we have the advance. I don't want to call it in quite yet.

best kastov 74u class setup modern warfare 2

I think that'd be I think it'd be a really dumb move if I did. Was he what is he say, "All right, we got our blind a bird's eye"? I keep wanting to say "Blind Eye." He's dumb if he turns around and does. I see him on the mini map. Let me call my veto line. Let me be smart here, and I am; my aim is horrendous.

All right, I got you. Let's go another nuke.

NEW BEST KASTOV 74u CLASS in MW2 AFTER UPDATE! Best KASTOV 74u Class Setup - Modern Warfare 2. In today's video i will be covering the Best kastov 74u Class Setup Best kastov 74u setup kastov 74u Best Class Setup Best tuning for the kastov 74u Here in Modern Warfare 2 Season 1! This kastov 74u Class has NO RECOIL and has INSANE DAMAGE.
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