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best lachmann sub class

So I have two builds for you guys with the MP5 AKA Lockman Sub in Modern Warfare 2 War Zone. This thing is amazing, and I want to make sure you guys have either a suppressed or non-suppressed meta weapon. So we're going to start out with the x10r 40 for sound suppression, bullet velocity damage range, and recoil smoothness at the cost of aim-down sight speed and aiming stability.

This is my optimal, Muzzle. And this is what I used in the gameplay for the tuning. You can raise the bullet velocity set to somewhere around the 30 region. I think that's pretty solid, and then if you want to increase the recoil smoothness, it's completely up to you, but either way, it's either you increase the aim-down sight speed or recoil smoothness.

By a little bit, I just don't think that it's too necessary. Either way you want to go with it, it's completely up to you. Next. I put on the Merc Four grip for high-accuracy recall, hip recall control, and aim walking speed at the cost of hip walking speed and aim down sight speed, but the tuning for this can be left overall alone.

best lachmann sub loadout

I don't really think that needs much changing, and the recoil steadiness is really the main thing I care about for this, so you can just leave it as is. Next, I put on the VK laser 7 mw for aim-down sight speed, aiming stability, and sprint-of-fire speed. At the cost of the laser being visible in ads, you have to be very careful about that, not just ads.

Corners with this because they're going to know where you're coming from. For the tuning, I set the high speed to 8.10 feet. Oz now I put on the Ft. Mobile stock for sprint speed and aim walking speed. Crouch movement speed and aim down side speed at the cost of aiming stability and recoil control Some people use stockless mods.

I just don't think that it's worth it. I think that the Ft Mobile stock gives you more than enough mobility and gets the job done without the major sacrifice of accuracy for the tuning. I set the walk speed to 1.47 in and the weight is 3.23, O for aim-down sight speed, then I put on the 40-round mag I mean, a lot of people choose to use a 50-round drum.

best lachmann sub loadout warzone 2

I just don't think you need that. I think it's too much of a hit on the movement speed, aim down sight speed, reload quickness, and sprad to fire speed. I think 40 is just a better choice. Overall, this is the start of the alternative MP5 loadout. I think that you guys may like this a little bit better, especially if you guys don't care for silencers.

I put on the exf solar flare for the flashlight, Sprint to Fire Speed, which is absolutely amazing. You actually don't have to worry about a laser, and you're aiming for stability now with the flash. The flashlight is visible to enemies, but I'll be honest with you, you think they're really going to notice it, especially the flashlight.

In bright scenarios, like when most of the map in the war zone is bright, you have to keep in mind that they're most likely not going to see this now that it is nightfall. So you do have to be careful if you're using this now because it's probably going to be more visible, but either way, I think this is the more optimal choice.

best lachmann sub warzone 2

I still keep on the Ft Mobile stock for Sprint speed, aim walking speed, cross-moving speed, and aim down sight speed. I put on the 9 mm hollow point because this thing has a concussion effect if you hit the legs, and if you don't have perfect accuracy, if you're not hitting straight chest shots or head shots, then this may be very good for you.

I mentioned the BL velocity of 4.65 g and the damage range of 38 g. I put the Merk for grip on once again. I mean, you can keep it the same or you can take it off. I just think that this is still optimal for the best amount of recoil control. And last but not least, I keep on the 40-round mag. I mean, you can use any of these, but I just think the 40 is the best of all the worlds, with the best mobility and enough bullets to get the job.

Best Lachmann Sub Loadout Warzone 2 Best MP5 Class Setup MW2 Warzone 2 Meta SMG Loadout. the META MP5 LOADOUT in Warzone 2! Best Lachmann Sub Class Setup - MW2.
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