News - New Lachmann Sub Loadout Is "meta" Warzone 2. Best Lachmann Sub Class Setup - Mw2

best lachmann sub class

The best SMG in War Zone 2. I have broken down this class a few times already, but it is so good that I feel like I have to do it again, so I'm jumping straight into the first attachment we want to throw on the L38. Falcon. Next up, we are already throwing, on the VLK-LZR, lasers. This is going to increase our aim down sight and sprint to fire speed, two of the most important stats for SMG builds in War Zone 2, and as a little added bonus, we also get some aiming stability, making this gun super easy to control.

For the tuning, we do want to go all the way to the sprint to fire speed and, on the bottom, minus 46.03, feed towards the aim down sight speed maximizing. The effect of this laser for the third attachment we do want to throw on the Miracle, the 56 Factory Restart, is that this is going to increase our aiming stability, recoil, control, and sprint speed, making this build super easy to use because it is going to have very little recoil while still maintaining a very good movement speed.

With the tuning on the stock, we do want to max out the aim down sights so we can go to minus 0.2 inches towards the am walking speed to keep this gun as quick as we can before I finish off the rest of the build. Here's the full metal lockman sub-build for season 5 in War Zone 2. I stopped

BROKEN LACHMANN SUB Loadout in WARZONE 2 SEASON 5 new LACHMANN SUB Class Setup in WARZONE 2! new LACHMANN SUB is META in MW2! Best LACHMANN SUB Class Setup. Become a Member to get acces to perks.
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