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best mw2 spx 80 class

It is the final evolution of the Bryson long rifle family. In my opinion, the SPX 80 is the best bolt-action sniper rifle in Modern Warfare 2 despite being the least damage-dealing bolt-action because this thing will still one-shot pretty much any part of the body as long as you're not shooting angles.

So in today's article, I'm going to show you how to make the maximum-speed SPX 80 sniper rifle in Modern Warfare 2. Before I do that, though, it would mean a lot to me if you would consider leaving a like and subscribing, but let's take a look at the class.

Class setup

Class setup

In case it wasn't painfully obvious, I'm still stupidly sick, so bear with me as I start with the best list that I'm running. I'm still running the ignition because I'm trying to level this thing up.

This little goofy thing has the basilisk, group laser The Bryson snubby barrel The Bryson HDA Trigger Action Pack is a stun lethal, a semtex perk package, and one double-time battle hard and fast hand. Quick Fix yields upgrades Dead Silence Munitions Box SPX. 80 Starting with the attachments that have no tuning, you have the FSS or V laser, which is the aim down sight speed and sprint to fire speed laser.

The other attachment that has no tuning is the FSS. ST87. Both a lightweight fluted bolt and a smoother action for a higher rate of fire effect recoil control; this is a plus two in re-chambering; speed This basically just makes the fire rate faster, which means you can get more shots on target faster.

best spx 80 class

Working our way up from the bolt, we have the rear grip, we have the Schlogger match grip, and this textured grip from Schlager increases. I think that's a typo, aiming speed and sprint speed, which are sprint to fire speed and aim down sight speed, respectively, with a little bit of a hit to our recoil control.

Like I said in the intro, recoil isn't really much of a problem with a bolt action rifle, and then for the tuning, I have it doubled down on sight speed and sprint through fire speed. Going up to the stock, we have the PVZ-890. Tax Stock, a streamlined tactical stock built for snipers who stay on the move, increasing aiming speed and sprint speed for changing positions quickly after firing.

Crouch movement, speed (both sprint and aim down sight speed), and then I have it maxed out for aimed on sight speed, aim walking speed, and then last but not least for the barrel. I have the 18 and a half-inch Bryson LR Factory Barrel designed for the SR-208. This factory barrel is shorter and faster at the cost of some range and accuracy, plus sight speed and hip recoil, control, and then tuning to walk at sight speed.

Now, if you want the maximum speed of SPX (80), you need to run these five attachments, but if you would like a suggestion that would make a better overall. With the build of the spx80, you could probably lose the barrel because it doesn't give you much of a buff to your speed, and then you could run the V8 round magazine.

I feel like having three extra bullets would be a little bit better than having the little speed buff this barrel gives you, but for the max speed build, these are the attachments you need. If you like the article or just want to show support for the channel, leave a "like" on the article. If you just want to show support, leave a "like" on the article. If you leave a "like" on the article, I'll talk to you guys in tomorrow's article, hopefully over at least a pizza.



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