News - The Lachmann Sub Is "broken" After Update. Best Lachmann Sub Class Setup Warzone 2

best lachmann sub class

The Lockman subclass has been one of the best SMGs in War Zone 2 since its release. In today's article, we're going to break down the best lock and subclass setup with the tunes. Let's get into it, Cheval, Chaine, Cheval - Cheval - Cheval tcg10. We're going to lose a massive chunk of recoil control and accuracy, but it is going to be well worth it for the sprint to fire and movement speed that we're going to receive with this thing, and with all the other attachments thrown on this thing, it's still going to be very controllable, so we don't even have to worry about that too much.

Next, we want to laser, as we always do on our SMGs, and we want to use the VLKL. ZR, like I say in all my articles, is my go-to laser for all my SMG builds because it does give the biggest boost to sprint to fire and abs feed, which in my opinion are probably the two most important stats you can have on an SMG in this game, and we're just also going to get some aiming stability on top of that as a little bonus up next.

We do actually want to go ahead and throw it in a barrel. We're going to use the F-Tech, M-Sub barrel. This barrel is going to give us a massive boost to damage range and bullet velocity, just to make this thing a bit more diverse. To make it from a little bit further ranges, let's bring in some recoil control with this, which is actually very important because the stalker's mod does make us lose a lot of recoil, so this will once again help us balance that out just a little bit more aim for the last attachment before we do get into the tuning.

best lachmann sub class mw2

It's going to be the 40-round mag. A 30-round mag in this game honestly just doesn't cut it if you're wondering why we don't go 50th. Because we want to have the fastest sprint to fire and ad speed possible, and with the 40 on, we can still get two to three kills. No problem now that we have all the attachments, yedo guys, we do want to jump straight into the tuning, so for the Lockman TC G10.

We want to go ahead and max the sprint to fire speed, and for the adsp, we actually do only want to go to minus 60, , because it will not make a bigger buff to adsp than we would if we Max it all the way down the only other attachment we will be able to tune is the barrel so for the barrel we want to go all the way to aim walking speed and for this one we do actually want to go all the way to aim down side speed because it will not make a difference here.

best lachmann sub class setup

the full build, guys. Now let's jump into this gameplay, where I may or may not choke out another 30. This kid gets in the car and drives away as soon as I get here. Never mind that he just sat in the driver's seat and didn't move a muscle; let me get a freebie on him. But a portable device—what do you know

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