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1st play

Now Shadow 2 kilo actual at the Port now we'll confirm when Caro's in my possession stand by Roger there kilo we good to go so far this is a game changer that's hope we never have to use them in how St on comes, , tle 31 troops in contact kill's vehicle is down I say again troops in the open Tak an effective fire from multiple locations copy that Hold Your.

Position Shadow 01 to kilo do you read me kilo. Up this is kilo we were ambushed Dina is Kia it's con they're everywhere Commander the missiles they're going for the missiles we can't let them do that Farah I need weapons look for containers with the Shadow and signia they'll have what you need to fight con you were shipping more than just missiles plenty more lucky for you.

I'm at the container got, it that gear gives you an edge but there's still an army of con between you and those missiles I will not allow con to seal these missiles whatever it takes we're going to need a contingency Commander I have GPS trackers on my ship you plant those on the missiles we'll never lose visual I still need to locate the containers would have known what to find them shipping manifest would be in the harbor Master's office the tower affirmative copy.

first play

Kilo your ship's full of hostiles I can't get aboard from the ground see if con has ascenders nearby check the immediate, area got an. Ascender I'm on the ship the tracker should be in the control room on the, bridge enemy reinforcements. They're looking for you keep it quiet kilo the Shadow Con found one of our containers they're taking it, now gone for good left if the missiles are all headed to the same I can still track them big if kilo hope you're right there's enemy.

Office located the Manifest got it cross referencing with our container numbers, okay check the cranes they may be loading another one of those containers now move fast kilo time ain't on our side. Above all stations last tracker on con is leaving with both the missiles DOA you did what needed to be done bar make sure you do the rest Echo how copy loud and clear far Cody's pulling up sticks they got what they wanted we live to fight another day it's not.


Commander our missiles were meant to be a deterrent peace through strength roers Finds Its way back to this place yet never left Russia wants this country they can't have, it what's. Next tracking those containers I'm coming with you, no take care of our Kia and alert our forces tell them Russ is back in ekhan Shadow companies got to get in the game they're going to want a piece of this, true someone else I have to contact First.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare III Campaign The First Game play | KIZUNA SENSEI.
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