News - The #1 Taq 56 Build Warzone 2. Best Setup & Tuning Taq 56 Mw2

best taq 56 2

youtubers i hope you guys are having a fantastic day. In today's article, we're dropping an absolute banger for you guys: 56 minutes of gameplay and 34 kills. Starting off with a muzzle attachment, we're going to rock the Harbinger, the D20 suppressor. For the enhanced sound suppression, bull velocity damage range, and enhanced recoil smoothness tuning on this, we're going to go up towards recoil smoothness and over towards enhanceable velocity.

Rico smooth, we're going to put in a Max 1.40 ounce bull, velocity, and we're going to put it at Max one inch coming on board with the second attachment. For the attack 86 setup, we're going to go and we're going to rock this 17.5-inch Tundra Pro barrel for the enhanced damage range hip fire. I can see which we're not worried about in enhanced velocity for the tuning on the barrel we're going to go up towards recoil sending this and over towards enhance damage range as well we're gonna go with the max 0.50, on recall steadiness and for damage range we're gonna go to 0.29.

best taq 56 class

Inches jumping, on board with our third attachment for attack 56 setup of course we're gonna rock the f-tac river 56 with enhanced emiato stability hit by accuracy and Recon stabilization which is the big one but the tuning on it we're going to go up towards recoil stabilization and over towards enhanced Amy out of stability but recoil we're gonna go Max 0.80 ounces If you're aiming for stability, we're going to go to a maximum of 0.40 inch.

Jumping on board with our fourth attachment for the attack 56 setup, we're going to go down here. We're going to list the high-velocity rounds that it creates. This is an absolute necessity, in my opinion, for this one. We're going to go up towards enhanced damage range and over towards enhanceable velocity, and we're going to put this at 0.62 grams.

I'm on board with our fifth and final attach for the attack 56, setup; we're going to ride the 60-round magazine for the enhanced magazine ammo capacity, and then this is an absolutely crucial thing to be running just so you can get the knocks and the fools. With the attack 56 setup, I hope you guys enjoy the class setup.

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