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Ebr 14 class setup

Ebr 14 class setup

So , I got asked to take a more sniper-type approach to the EBR. That's because my last one, if you did not see it, was more of an assault rifle with an aggressive, pushy type epr build with the iron sight, so I can understand people might be going for long shots and they might prefer to use this at a slower pace.

Also, pace; that's exactly what we're covering here today. Let's get started with this build. I'm going to start in the rear grip category, where I have the Cronin EM55. This is going to give you flea resistance. You can get some aim down sight speed and aim idle stability there; you're going to need that because I am using it a bit slower for the Saka and the Sor55, adapter for Crouch movement speed.

best ebr 14 class

For the optic, I'm going with the Luca banderascope. You get that three times in nine times magnification, toggle so you can use it more like a sniper rifle, and you can tune this also to aim down sight speed, and I also have it set too far if you did not know that when you tune your scope too far it reduces that visual recoil, so we're heading over here to a barrel where I have the bore master giving you recoil control and bolt velocity, but the barrels take away damage range, which I'm not with if I'm going to be using it at a slower pace and some longer distances.

So it's pretty simple there. I wanted to keep that damage range, so it has that one-shot potential to the head and a bit farther range, and also that two-shot potential, of course, to the body. Now that one's going to be tuned to recoil steadiness and aim down sight speed, and finishing us off with the Tempest GH 50 for vertical recoil control.

Obviously, it's a semi-auto Marksman rifle; therefore, the most important thing is reducing the original kick of the weapon so you can re-center your shot and hit it. You're going to tune that to aim down sight speed and gun kick control. Obviously, the EVR is not a completely overpowered weapon in this game, but it's also not the worst.

It's you; you know a semi-auto sniper; most semi-auto snipers or semi-auto marksmen rifles aren't. Normally the best choice of weaponry, it is still a very fun choice and not the worst thing to use while grinding your camos.

Ebr 14 gameplay

Ebr 14 gameplay

Yeah, so the reason I built it out like an assault rifle the first time is that it's just my play style and I struggle to play slowly, so don't expect much out of me with this build overall just because I'm forcing myself to slow down and I'm very impatient as a whole. And there's not much you can do with hip firing with a weapon like this, but we did get the V tool, so that should help us on our journey on the comeback there.

I did just see one cross here; I saw you. Shit, they're reloading. kind of getting fried here; nice job, teammate, and that gets none of them. That's why I didn't want to put it on that hill where I'm planting mine, okay? If you're watching that way, I'll watch this way; you're also here. So where are they if they have to come this way?

s here; target down 20. Okay. I'm still not feeling confident about it, but you know, we can try to dust yourself off; it's definitely not the worst weapon in the world, so it's not completely out of the realm of possibility. Our UAV is in orbit in an area where it is foreign. I'm just going to watch my back here for a second.

I don't trust this. I'm so close that it's not worth it to choke. I'll play like a little camper if I have to talk to my team. I should have played like a camper. I should have camped. I should have camped. God, I'm so dumb. Somehow I have 59 kills with this thing, and now he's not here, and that hurts my soul.

Let's win the game; I'm done; yeah, boys, check out now. This is by far my best game by far, not even close, so I'm going to use this gameplay, but of course I've got to win the game first. That hurts because, as you know, that's the closest I've ever been to a nuke with an EBR. They pushed, I got two, and I think my teammates got him.

Yeah, we win the game, we win the compromise, and I ended up with 70 kills with the EBR, by far the best game I've ever had with it. I'm happy you guys get to see it sucking on the choke, but ggs, foreign.

In todays video, I will be covering the best class setup for the EBR 14 in modern warfare 2 multiplayer.
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