News - 1 Shot" Ebr-14 Class Is God Tier Warzone 2. Best Ebr 14 Class Setup - Warzone 2

Hostile takeover

Hostile takeover

Now, at any range, it's a one-shot headshot and also a two-shot at any range as well. This weapon is very broken and very fun to use. But anyway, guys, let's hop right into it, all right? got, some Embassy I haven't played this map in a good while, so hopefully we can get a little nice game play with it.

I've been using the EVR 14. I don't really like this weapon, though I will not lie; I'm not a big fan of it. If I hadn't hit him. I'd have been like, "Where is my aim?" "I feel like this is going to just be a pretty quick nuke, because the timer's on, and my teammates are playing a little bit too much offense here." I've got two bullets, so I've got to make them count.

There we go, perfect on our last magazine too. All right, one more kill-easy quad fee too; I'm going to check that over there. All right, they're not there; let's go easy on the tactical nukes. I'm going to go ahead and call it in; this is a blowout right now, a little easy to nuke. Now we're going to hop into the class and start off with the laser, which you're going to be adding onto the OV laser.

This is going to increase aim size, speed, stability, and sprint the fire speed now that the mobility on this weapon is very slow as well as the handling, so it's going to boost it up a little bit and we're getting a faster aim down side speed. Sprint the fire speed and also when Amy's down sights were more stable, so you need to throw this one on now.



Now, it is a single shot, so there's not much recoil, but if you're spam firing this weapon, say if there are like two or three people pushing you, or if you just can't hit your shots all the way, it's not going to jump as much, not giving you as much kick, so you need to use this one as well.

Fss spider grip

Going all the way over to the rear grip, we're going to be adding on the FSS, or spider grip. Now, this can help with recoil control, so with this on, if there's any recoil, it disappears, giving you full control of this weapon , so we're going to be adding on the SOR-55 adapter.

So r55 adaptor

Stock Now this can help with crouch movement speed, sprint speed, and aimed outside speed.

Slimline pro

best ebr 14 class

I think the iron sights are just absolutely disgusting; I do not like them. And with this class setup, you can run any optic you want. You can run a scope, a sniper scope, the red-dust side, or anything that you want. But in today's gameplay, I am running Slimline Pro, so now it's time to tune our attachments and make them a little bit easier to use.

We're going to start with the 490 muzzle, and we're going to max out the recoil stabilization, and the gun kit control is on our weapons, so they are not going to kick as much when firing them for long periods of time. Firing the weapon and also our weapon is a little bit easier to control now that it's time to tune the rear grip, which is the spider grip, we're going to match up that recoil steadiness and the Sprint to fire speed at 0.45 and 1.00, so, when firing our weapon, it's a lot steadier when firing if you're spam firing the weapon, and also our Sprint to fire speeds max out, helping us be a little bit more aggressive when you have that run and gun type of play style.

best ebr 14 class mw2

Now we're going to tune the stock, and we're going to max out the aim-down size speed at 4.00 and the Milwaukee movement speed at 2.40. So having this on, we're pre-aiming, moving faster, and also when aiming down sights and walking strafing, left to right, we're not getting hit as much, so it's going to be harder for us to get hit when getting into those gun fights, and also when aiming down fights, it's going to be a lot faster.

Now for our final attachment, guys, we have the Slimline Pro. We've got to tune this, and we're going to max out the eye position at 2.25.

1 SHOT EBR-14 CLASS is GOD TIER in MW2! Best EBR 14 Class Setup - Modern Warfare 2. In today's video i will be covering the Best ebr 14 Class Setup Best ebr 14 setup ebr 14 Best Class Setup Best tuning for the ebr 14 Here in Modern Warfare 2 Season 1! This ebr 14 Class has NO RECOIL and has INSANE DAMAGE.
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