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Contact Fast 4 12 years later, in 2024, in the original MW trilogy, let's finally round out this classic and legendary trilogy. Keep moving the jamming system; it's up on the second-tier weapons. Verify initial strikes on the predator feed. Good work, Sandman. We've regained air dominance over Manhattan and pushed the front line back to the river.

What's our next target contact coming out of the hatch? Yuri, there he is. There's Yuri good we'll need him. We're going off the MRO. Here's bloody hell, Yui. Yuri Dron, we have to move now. That's it my dumb complaint or problem with this game is pretty much how Yuri was written into the story and how he happened to be there from the beginning of it.

Yuri, this is only the beginning. Sorry, Yuri i know what you have told them, my friend, my Ally, my betrayer. When I first played the campaign all those years ago, I was in shock when soap died. Get a medic. no, so years later, I do think it was the right thing to do, leaving Price alone. Like that, it hit me differently this time.

Your it's time to go, come on, just go get out of here, just go, I can't see got to Le no, get us back down there it's too H we go back we all die Z do you read me Z, come in. Do you copy Z? Are you still here? Soap just moves quickly, and we can see where Arby is before he BSs the sandor's moving in fast.

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We have one shot at this. I think what made the original trilogy special to me was that you always felt like you were involved with it. Story up. Miss Target's ahead engage compound is at, the Y you got control L them up hill confirmed the aim is getting better keep shooting y keep in coming circling back for another pass those [__] nuts let's go.

For the most part, you never really got to see the character you played as Frost, punching watching, and most of the time it honestly felt like I was in some high-budget, totally unrealistic movie, and that's what made them. Nikolai, get us out of here. They took the White House, the airport, and modern warfare.

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2 remember, no Russians; however, many Russians still blame America for the massacre at the airport. So controversial; it's right there; don't go too far; birds look Mommy there's. Yuri, and the rinse and repeat style of gameplay, you know you get into a firefight, you're heavily outnumbered, and then slowing all the way down into sneak missions, which can still be a lot of fun, but you know rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat, with some big names behind some of these characters, don't move.

The voice acting is one of my favorite parts of this game. This is Valkyrie 26 in the airspace, service standing by for you to mark the first Target medal I am in. Position Overlord P on the vice president we're ready for, extraction solid copy 01, great work. Raptor 4 is arriving on Friday now.

I guess the first round's on us, friend. Hold your fire. That means don't shoot him. BR No [__] truck you getting anything on your coms, nothing but static. Jam's got us in the dark. Clear the blast radius and burn it. Frost's coming down, standing by with a full payload of jams requesting clearance.


You are cleared to engage in breaking the heart deck in 5 seconds. We have to execute authority, and we're 1 minute out of copy. Just don't start the party without us, especially Bruce Greenwood as Overlord. This is Overlord's actual negative. All US forces in Paris are engaged to triage the civilians and move your team off the plume.

It's a losing flight. We cannot lose New York. Are there any special mission units in the area we can request? JX got a Delta Force Team at Benfield call sign medal. This is Sandman, and we are opcon to you over glad to have you in our corner. Sandman Overlord mission: complete all Eagles countered for Roger Medal 01 missile strikes confirmed on multiple Russian hard targets in your AO.

All the primary threats were neutralized. Good work, team; that's one for the books. Easy day, Overlord. Sand Man there's a lot of fun and a lot of original gameplay and storytelling that can be found here, with some amazing music and incredible voice acting throughout all three. All three games are always going to have a special place in my mind, and I'm so thankful for this series, and of course you get them on this channel; otherwise.

I might have never played them again, so thank you.

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