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We owe a debt of gratitude to our task force and to the Ulf for our success against Vladimir Marov and his private army. Much has been said about the Ulf, a far-right kareim, and her soldiers, a terror organization. No Farah kareim is and always has been an ally to the United States and our Western partners in the region.

For nearly a decade, I sent weapons to Commander Kareem to support her missions against Alcala and Russian incursions into Ekhan. Were those shipments legal? In order to save lives, I commissioned illegal shipments with funds I approved. Myself, quiet quiet, please, General Shepher, in October 2022, did you want authorized shadow companies to fire on a task force under your command in Las Vegas, Mexico?

No, I did not, Mr. Graves were you given orders to use lethal force against TF1, 141? Yes, I was quiet in this chamber. Who gave you those orders? General Herel Shepard, did you act on those orders, Mr. Graves no, absolutely not, sir. Quiet [__]] me, I stabbed each other in the back, still saving their own skins.

4k hdr ps5

Every man is for himself. That's a difference between us and them. We're going to let this stand, boss. The best way to end the war is to win it. No, prisoners, good hunting. Commander, you too, Captain Nick, take far back. Willam straight away, Captain, right, just prep for Xville, we're going, On Watcher to Bravo, send traffic Watcher MI6 is relaying waves of con chatter to us.

Bottom line: Kate, where are the cons in London? Steam, H, let's take off a life; there's coms from AAR 90. That's his cool sign. What are they doing in London? Le Well signals intelligence and shows the con's meeting with a known black hat. Tomorrow in Greensbury Park, there's a hacker. That's our mark.

What's Cory wanting access to? We need to find that out and stop it. That hacker can lead us to Marov Cor's in London. He can't be far behind. We get solid intelligence. We'll have to move quickly. I'll coordinate with London Metro and get USFO standing by when you plug into London CCTV. Network bris the rest of us tail the mark on the ground.

champs network

Marov could be in our backyard, we got wind of where he is, we'll move on it for now, let's follow our mark and find Him. Bravo 07 to watch her CCTV is online; copy the visual radio; check the six-position soap light; and clear the eyes on the mark. black Hoody, good check, let's go to work, bravo, or get ready to move soap, Keep a low profile; we lose her, we lose, macarov solid.

Copy be advised she looks skittish she's sees military-age males on her tail she's going to bolt understood solid now press up to gas soap You're good to go. Go light-smoking johnny blending in LT, you say, so targets moving sergeants. If she takes a call or talks to anyone, we need to hear it. Soap copy that she talks.

We listen wait, she's tying her hair, likely checking if she's been followed by him. Good dog; yeah, she's cautious. She's in over her head with Marov. Mark's moving, keep on, our phone's ringing, get close and listen, in hey, I got the payment, drop the flash drive behind the rubbish. B Yeah, between Beast3 and T, cafe doing business, what's the word she made a dead drop for a buyer flash drive?


Alley between B 43 and Cafe, we need eyes ghost check points on CCTV. Rog eyes on the Alley exit; no sign of Cony must have already left. Scrub the footage for anyone leaving Alley 07; they'll likely be the ones who found him. Stay on him, ghost; whatever he's got, him You have seen that this well-affirmed fire exit is 43.

Target's crossing the street. He's crossing to Iny Street, Orra. Bravo targets heading into the Pedestrian Tunnels are a dead-end good place for con to hide. I'm not off; we have Metro and SFO ready to mobilize. I say we call them in copy at all stations. Gear up and prepare to breach BR 6. Route cing off the perimeter with the rest of you.

It's clear there is a locked door leading to the old train station. At the door, preparation for a breach is on your signal. Captain, let's get this done. Breaching three, two, and one, pushing in, sweeping left, sweeping right, clear That's what we're copying. Find that buyer and get that deal.

london terrorist attack modern warfare 3 2023

John, team one, push downstairs with us; copy; clear; team two will hold position upstairs; contact in the hallway. Guys, move; we need to disable the laptop flash drive; whatever was on it was uploaded into the station's train network; tro and horse con has control of the trains. There's more face recognition found this they boarded 10 minutes ago macarov one to train fill of civilians hostages, victims that tuns 5 100 ft deep and 30 m long there's thousands of people down there at any given time bravel he's going to trap the trains and destroy the tunnel we have no proof of that not yet Makarov's train just stopped at a crossover platform 20 m in alls have first dispatch a second team we need all the help we can get we'll take the service tunnel let's move we may already be too late.

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