News - One Big Hit, One (debatable) Miss. Montmartre Warzone 2 & Mw5 Review


From micro-evil to smartphones We're surrounded by devices capable of indicating the precise time down to a thousandth of a second. The watches of today are not watches anymore; they're smart tools for productivity or guardians of health. However, despite losing any practical relevance, traditional wrist watches have not been fully relegated to being thought of as antiquated expressions of bygone errors but have embraced their role of revealing personality and status, and perhaps there's no better expression of this purpose than that too.

Counterintuitively, being introduced by Cartier in 1906, the too predates the tank by a full decade, thus representing a transition from the traditional soft circular case to the severity of the rectangular. Legendary modern interations favor a b waistline to the detriment of the slender, oblong shape of the past, and Mon Marr's approach plays within recent tendencies.

We are therefore talking about a 35x42 mm case that looks like a 37 or even a 38 mm circular watch wood. The way the case is finished puts an emphasis on the flanks of the watch, with their mirror polished broad chamfer shoulders seamlessly transitioning to a beautiful satin, brushing I usually prefer the natural steel looks, but I have to admit I find the black DLC more appealing due to its more understated yet just as luxurious look.


Another argument for the DLC coating is the superior resistance to wear and tear evident when looking at these two prototypes that have spent quite some time on different wrists. Loom field grooves machined in the cardinal points of the case just outside the flat sapphire crystal give it a somewhat sporty vibe, more evident through the contrast offered by the black DLC coating.

As two of its 11 mm of height are dedicated to the screw-down case back, the watch will have a discrete profile on the wrist, allowing for smoothly slipping it under the cuff. The logs don't actually have too much of a downturn, and their relative stubby shape works wonders when it comes to finding the perfect strap.

Integration: the signed push-pull crown action is one of the best, with distinct audible pops between each of the three positions and perfectly balanced feedback when using it. The chrono pushers have great haptics and are easy to operate despite their Lily putant size. Both the MW3 and MW5 come in five different dial colors: Sage Blue, Cognac Teal, and Gunmetal.


Gray, it's becoming increasingly hard to come up with an original design. To have an original design as balanced and refined as this one is a testament to the architectural background of Robert Morrison, its creator. The deep black of the central ring with its congruent minute markers the sandwich construction of the outer section with a C3 field cutout of the beautifully colored radially brushed slab of petal.

The tasteful logo, the subtle yet effective date port hole at 6, they all combined to turn this into an original, instant classic. They see to modern tono watches what the perfume is to all the pure, unadulterated. Essence, however, stops being Essence when tempered with, and this is why I believe the MW5 does not live up to the standards set by the three-hander.


While the integration of the two Chronos subtes is elegant, it creates too much of a distraction that's only accentuated by the monar text, effectively creating a fourth hand that impacts legibility. Speaking of hands, their semi-skeletonized structure was already quite hard to distinguish from the 2, 4, 8, and 10 markers, making it quite hard to find the minute's hand, but with the chrono.

I have to admit there were a couple of times when I simply gave up trying to find out what time it was at night, though Everything Changes the Dark takes away any distraction and lets the liberally applied C3 super luminova do its thing. As previously mentioned on the wrist, the MW3 wears a couple of MIM larger than its physical dimensions, so I guess 20 cm wrists are the largest that would pull off wearing it, as the 18 mm log width keeps the watch accessible for those of us with more delicate.

Wrists When it comes to straps, there are three variants to choose from: peony steel mesh and solid link bracelets. I am intrigued by the bracelets, but there weren't any in the package I've received, so all I can tell you is that I'm positively impressed by the steel mesh; it does a great job of complementing the watch, and the comfort is supreme.


Greatly aided by the ease of sizing it using the simple but efficient deployment clasp, the Peron straps are a great option too when it comes to complementing the perisian flare of the time pieces. I only comment on packaging worth commenting on, and the leather pouch the watch comes with is worthy of a pair of Diors.

This is not only one of the best packagings I've seen, but it is definitely the most congruent to the watch it holds, so is this something you should ignore? Consider shortly, store. According to the obvious answer really given by the three-hander, this is not just a modern T-No; this is a brand new instant classic, and it's as well-built as it deserves.

This is a watch reviewer's Eternal Trope, but believe me, it photographs half as well as it looks in real life. Considering the 29% discount the watches are currently available at, it's really a no-brainer; however, I would only consider it. To me personally, the chonograph complication does not justify the compromise of poor eligibility, but then again, do we really buy watches to tell us the time?


If all you desire is to get a lookout and just contemplate the details on the dial, then by all means, shortlist it or buy it straight; it will be money well spent. After all, this is the beauty of this hobby. The never-ending choices are only yours to make. A choice you could make is to tune in on the 13th for my review of Mon Marr's Valentine to watch enthusiasts, Mw1.

This one will be launched through Kickstarter, and you can read more about it and about the mon martyr in general in the interview I've taken with Robert Morrison on {534}. You can also watch this article and preview it. I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts, so please do comment, and don't forget, I'm here to help you get what you

In anticipation of the MW1 Kickstarter launch, here's the review of Montmartre Watchworks' previous model in its two 3-hander and chronograph iterations.
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