News - New" Solo Tombstone Glitch After Patch. Warzone 2 Zombie Glitch (full Walk-through)


To the maximum benefit. I'm going to be able to talk about how to get Max Essence to set up your Tombstone, whether it's schematics or not. If you guys are looking to unlock the new MW3 camos, such as Interstellar Borealis, hard-unlocked, or even play in bot lobbies where you can level up your guns and unlock camos rapidly, or even the instant delivery pre-made accounts, be sure to check out Mitch Cactus.

Com; they include tons of legitimate services for Playstation. Xbox, and PC and have over 10, 000, 000 Trustpilot page reviews. Be sure to use code EER for 5% off. Don't forget to act fast. All right, guys, so to start off the article, this is going to be very easy. If you guys want to go ahead and start the Tombstone glitch, all you're going to need to do is fill up your rucksack with either schematics or whatever you want to duplicate, whether it's to help you out later on in the game or if it's to go ahead and give back to people in the community.


Whatever you guys wish to do go ahead and fill up your R sack with what you want it could be a small medium or large backpack, these small and medium you can obtain in tier one you can obtain the tier 2 backpack, which is the medium ruck sack in tier 2 and if you guys want a large ruck sack it's going to be tier three at the buy station that is for all buy stations one is going to allow you to get a medium backpack tier two will also allow you to get a medium backpack and tier three will allow you to get a large Ru sack you can also get them from opening lockers completing contracts and all of that good stuff once you have your stuff set up you're going to need to get essence, you can see that I have very close to Max Essence in my Tombstone currently.

That you're going to be able to obtain from either having somebody drop for you, which you can also check out on my live stream. I do drop a maximum amount of essence for everybody on stream, and if you guys want to do that as well for yourself, what I recommend doing is getting you, maybe a couple buddies, to go grind out a whole bunch of contracts and have the stuff in your rucksack that you want to duplicate.


And then, once you are ready, you will be able to use your essence and duplicate it to the point where you can have it every game. Once you get the stuff you want in your rug sack, once you get your money situated, you're going to need to buy Tombstone. You guys can either buy Tombstone or craft it if you have mods from your schematics.

In the main menu, Tombstone's going to be pretty easy; you just need to look for a dep icon like this, and that is going to be your Tombstone, Soda. What I mean by that is that you need to go purchase this in order to start the glitch. Once you have your Tombstone prodded and ready to go with the stuff in your Ru deck that you want to duplicate, as well as the money that you are comfortable with having every single game, you will go ahead and proc Tombstone.


Then you will go ahead and die. What I mean by that is you're going to go ahead and buy Tombstone drink it you'll have it in your perks, and then you're going to pick wherever on the map you want to spawn with Tombstone every single game as you can see my Tombstone is frocked by the crane I think this is super easy just because I live stream and give away all these schematics every day so I go ahead and take the crane all the way up to the top and then go ahead and take myself to a tier 2 xfill the reason why I use these tier 2 x fills is we will talk about that in a minute, but once you have everything complete and you go ahead and find out where you want to keep your Tombstone you need to full die what I mean by that is going up somewhere high or having a frag grenade in your inventory.

Once you have that, go ahead and fully kill yourself. You will be disappointed. Once you are down, go ahead and hold b or whatever it is to give up, whether you're on a console or PC. Then you will be fully dead. Once you guys are fully dead, go ahead and leave the match. All you need to do is just leave the match.

If you do not want to go ahead and close the game or anything like that, you want to make sure you have everything set up. Buy Tombstone go ahead and fold yourself down, so jump from a high area or hit that frag grenade, hold it till it blows yourself up, and then from there, leave the game once you are fully dead and you do not have a self-restore on you or a self-revive.

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Once from there, you guys will go ahead and load back into the main screen, and then from there, you will go ahead and go back in game, and you will see that you have a tombstone on the map just like this. Once you are on this step, you have done everything correctly. All you're going to want to do from here is go ahead and take everything out of your tombstone, like I am.

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Doing and you will notice that your Tombstone crumbles like so once your Tombstone crumbles, then you know you are good to keep doing this glitch over and over again all we're going to do for the second part of the glitch is super easy so guys let me go ahead and get on top of this crane and then we're going to go ahead and talk about everything one more time before we start the second phase or part two to doing this glitch, so just a quick refresher for you guys the reason why I'm not doing it is because I already have my Tombstone set up and I'm currently live streaming doing this so I don't want to lose my ray gun or my wonderand Waffle plans or any of these schematics that I'm giving away, so first things first for you guys is to go ahead and set up your ruck sack with the stuff that you want to duplicate.

Then you want to go ahead and get your money situation figured out, whatever you think is comfortable for you to have every single game you can obtain from doing contracts. Selling a whole bunch of stuff or having somebody drop Max to whatever amount of essence you want, then once you have your rucksack covered and your money covered, go buy Tombstone.

Like I said, it will look like this little skull icon. If you guys have the tombstone perk unlocked in your schematics on the main screen before you log into zombies, go ahead and craft that before you go into the game because you can just pop it like normal and it will still work. Once you do that, you're going to go either from a high place like that or have a frag grenade or something that can kill you, and all you're going to do is die.

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You guys will spawn back in and see your tombstone, just like you saw mine; we just did, and then we're going to make sure the tombstone, like we just did and then we're going to make sure the tombstone crumbles. But you're going to need to be in window mode if you're on PC, and if you're on console, we will show you guys how to close your game out no matter which portal you take.

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