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So it's going to be where you can sit there and have your tombstone set, and you're going to be dropping for another player. Unfortunately, this is going to be a two-player thing, so if you guys are looking to set up Tombstone or if you guys are just looking to max out your stash, it's going to be how you watch the article depending on what side you want to be on.

If you guys want to go vice versa and swap back and forth and have somebody set up a whole bunch of items in their stash or a whole bunch of items for their Tombstone, you can do that and then swap rolls. We're going to have the glitcher first for you guys, and then we're going to switch over to the duplicator and show you guys how to duplicate your items and stow them in your stash.

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Be sure to use code EER for 5% off. Don't forget to act. Fast all righty guys, we are into a game now, and I'm going to be covering the main glitcher or the main person. And going to go ahead and hold down to plead for help, and then we'll be able to allow them to reschedule us, and then from here, once we are done getting resed, you guys will be able to drop everything that you have to the dropper if you wish to do that, or somebody who's going to be duplicating their items, so everything I have in my ruag currently after recking Tombstone, going fully down, and then having somebody res me.

I can now drop all of these items and not lose anything, so I'm good to drop them all. Nothing's going to happen on my end, and as you can see, we actually just had somebody go and take six Tombstone cans, and they're going to go ahead and duplicate them. If you guys want to know how to duplicate them, we're going to have that part coming up right now.


Also, just a quick thing to say: if you guys do want to keep doing the glitch over and over again, you guys are going to need to go fully down like so, as you can see, and then you're going to want to go ahead and give up once you give up like this, as you can see. We are going to be keeping our Tombstone, every single game, from doing this, so for the glitcher, you're going to want to buy Tombstone, go down, have everything in your rucksack that you want to duplicate when you go down, and then you're going to lose the tombstone perk, and that's going to proc it for the next game, so we went down again, and now we're going to go ahead and just let the timer go down and then leave the match, and then we will show you guys.

The dropper side, so moving on to the dropper side, you're going to see that I'm going to have lots of items that I'm going to be duplicating. As you can see, this is a little bit pre-recorded while we were testing other duplication glitches to try to do it solo, and unfortunately we didn't have any luck with that, so you can see right here that I'm loading up my bag with a couple items, and I'm eventually going to drop a couple of the items because we are testing and we've seen what we could do, but this is going to be super self-explanatory.


If you guys are going to be the guys claiming the items, go ahead and keep duplicating, filling up your stash, or setting up for later on in the game. You're going to go ahead and get all the items, and then from here, we're going to go ahead and move over to Bad. Signal now, just like the pre-patch option for this game, we're going to go ahead and wait for the bag signal to activate, and then from here, we're going to close out the game now, unfortunately.

I am on console, so I have not been able to test it yet. PC but you can see right there we went and closed out the game on the purple portal screen for consoles, so Playstation or Xbox, this is going to work for you guys. You guys are actually going to keep your Aether Blade B, your weapons, and all of the items in your rucksack SL anything you have on you, so that means if you have a juggernaut, if you have a sres, if you have score streaks, anything that you have, you will actually keep in the game for doing the bad signal glitch.

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Now, basically, if you think of this, this is the pre-patches to Tombstone, but instead of keeping your Tombstone, you're only going to be able to keep your items if you were to have a tombstone set up and you try to do the bad signal glitch on the purple screen; unfortunately, it is not going to work for you.

So you can see us going back into zombies right now, and we're going to show you that we have all of the items that we duplicated. Like I said, it wasn't a very big duplication that I did as we were trying to test it out, but I have my Aether Blade. As you can see, we have all three items.

NEW MW3 Zombies DUPLICATION GLITCH MW3 Tombstone Duplication Glitch AFTER PATCH.
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