News - New Solo Insured Weapon Duplication Glitch. All Working Gun Dupes. Dmz/warzone 2 Glitches

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In today's article, I'm going to be showing you guys a new way to go ahead and duplicate your insured weapon here in the DMZ. Also, if you guys are wanting to play in ball lobbies, maybe you want the nuke skin, or you just can't wait to unlock camos, then you need to go ahead and check out {215}, Com.

When you guys do go ahead and check out Mitchcactus, Com, Put in code Puff and get yourself a five percent coupon. They offer instant delivery at the best prices, and their services work on all platforms. Otherwise, go ahead and check them out. Go ahead, get that insured weapon, make sure it's in the secondary slot here, and then we're going to go in game and fill up our other two slots.

We're going to kill some AIS, and we're going to take their weapon all right, so I went ahead here and filled up my backpack with weapons. The next thing we're going to do is go ahead and drop our primary weapon, which is this one right here. Go ahead, drop that, and then we're going to Stow. From here, we're going to go ahead and hit Stow on the weapon on the ground, and then we're going to hit Stow one more time here.

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We've done that, and we are good to go now to pick up that weapon on the ground. It's now in our backpack, and we're good to go. All we need to do from here now is go ahead and X fill, so just go ahead and make sure you guys did all the steps properly, and it's going to duplicate the weapon once we're done X filling.

So just going through it one more time with you guys, here's the secondary we're dropping on the ground. We're going to go ahead here again and pick it up. We're going to open up the backpack one more time. We're going to drop our primary from here. We'll stow it; we're going to hold down Stow one more time to get that custom assault rifle back up in our backpack.

And then from here, we're going to go ahead and pick this weapon up, and then we are good to go. All we need to do now is X-fill. Yeah, baby, you guys need to get your insured weapon back here. Make your way to one of these dumpster drops, kill a bunch of bots, grab their weapons, and then just go ahead and put their weapons in the dumpster.


You guys will get your insured weapon back in no time. What that's going to do is give you a free handgun, and then you guys go ahead and keep duplicating these handguns, and then just stow them in the dumpster, and you guys will be good to go. This is a pretty cool glitch right here as well. Now the old method is still working as well, so you guys are going to need a medium backpack here.

You're going to have to start off with the riot shield. Make sure you find yourself a vehicle. I haven't switched it into my backpack yet, but I'll show you guys that right here, so make sure that insured weapon that you guys want to duplicate is swapped into the backpack once. We've done that. We're going to go ahead.

We're going to enter the vehicle here, and then we're just going to switch seats. Now you guys could switch to any seat you wanted. You can continue switching seats like you're about to see me do here. What you're going to want to do now is go ahead and drop both weapons, so there's no duplication.

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Weapons: you're going to steal one again, and then you're going to equip the other, so make sure you guys do it that way, and then all you need to do after that is go ahead and X-fill. I hope you enjoyed the glitch. In the game glitch, something went out. Have some fun until next time I'm the puff man.

Peace, Out.

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