News - New Gamebraking Insured Weapon Duplication Glitch. Dmz/warzone 2 Glitches

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I've got a game-breaking Banger glitcher for y'all. We're going to be duplicating insured weapons. Com. They offer instant delivery at the best prices, and their services work on all platforms. They have high ratings on Trustpilot with amazing reviews, and you won't find a better deal anywhere else.

Don't forget to use code puff, which is p-u-f-f. Get yourself a five percent discount, baby. Right All right, so a big shout out here to hacker Elite The guy is amazing; he's a goat, and he is the founder of this glitch that is game-breaking. Alright, so in your octave duty, you need a character here that has a large or medium backpack.

We also need one with a small backpack, as you guys see right here in the character. That has the large backpack, and we want to make sure there is nothing in the slots in the backpack, so no keys. No stronghold key cards Nothing like that; it needs to be empty. You guys need to remember everyone that you are using because we need to be using the exact same ones.

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So now we're going to go to the main menu here, and from the first list of stuff right here, as you guys can see, it says my last plate. I'm going to choose the DMZ from here. I'm not going to go down to games and choose DMZ; I'm going to choose it from here. Here, we're going to go ahead and check our active duty operators and make sure all is well, so we're going to make sure we have an operator here with a medium or large backpack.

Make sure it is empty; make sure there is nothing in it; and again. We're going to confirm right here and just pick Almazra; it's easier. The next thing we're going to do is hit edit, and from here we're going to go into our characters. We're going to go to the large backpack or medium backpack character.

We're going to put our first insured weapon here in the backpack. So go ahead and click on this right here. We're going to pick the heartbreaker. And for the secondary, we've got the ISO. Hemlock, here, and this is how it's going to go, so from here, we're going to go to the small backpack, click on it, and that's going to get rid of our insured weapon.


We just duplicated it. Now we're going back to the large backpack; we're going to unequip this one, and we're going to start all over again. Add another weapon; we've got to change it this time, so go ahead and hit "Change Pick." a different weapon here for me. It's going to be the M4. We're going to go ahead and choose this one right here.

We're going to click on that, and then we're going to go ahead and load it into our backpack. Then again, we need to put in our loadout those two weapons that we just used here, so the M30 Team B for me and the ISO Hemlock. You've got to do it the exact same way every time, you guys, and then we're going to back out of here into our small backpack, operator, one more time, so click on her that's going to get rid of that other insured weapon, and then back into ghost here with the large backpack, get rid of these two weapons.

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We're going to do it one more time here out of weapon; we've got to change it again. So hit change right here. Pick yourself another one, so I'm going with the TAC 56. Unbroken action right here; we're going to go ahead and pick that one and put it in our backpack. We're going to go into our loadout one more time here, and we're going to pick the weapons that we've just duplicated.

Boom, we're good to go. We're going to go ahead and confirm and get into the gameplay now. So, here we are loading up in the DMZ, and as you guys are going to see once we've loaded in here. I'm going to have all three weapons, and they're not going to be like, they're all going to be contraband weapons, so we're going to be good to go here.

So, the first weapon here is the M13B. As you guys could see, I got the TAC 56, and I also got the MX9. That's going to make sure you guys lock them all in. It doesn't matter which way you pick them up. Just go ahead, put them all on the ground, pick them all back up, and all we need to do now is go ahead and X-fill.

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Guys, you guys are amazing. I cannot thank you guys enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you all so much. So we've just successfully filled the X here with our weapons. Yeah, baby, now that the game is done and all this jazz here is done and over with, there is one more thing that we need to go ahead and do to make sure that our weapons are locked in.

OMG like I said, this glitch is game-breaking. You guys are going to love it. I know I love it. It's a nice way to duplicate your insured weapons and get into the game with three of them. As you guys can see right now, there is no cooldown, and we've duplicated our weapons. Yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed today's glitch.

Get in the game, glitch something out, and have some fun until next time I'm the puff man. Out let's go i wake up to a little bit of drool on my pillow and feel like it's going to be a bad day. Yeah, I'm tired of it, and the coffee hasn't hit yet. Damn, it ain't that great. I don't want to go to work because my boss is a jerk, and I'm not even that paid.

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I need a change in my life because I don't feel alive, and there's nothing that makes me happy. I hope I'll be here for a minute. I'm about to quit my job and cash in for a ticket. I'm going on a trip, and I don't plan to visit. I'm going to stay there till I feel like I'm winning, and this is just the beginning.

I need a big change to help me feel like living. I need a swing at home runs. I'm hitting it I'll never look back moving on till I get it all, y'all got dreams, y'all want things but what you gonna do for a hike on move forward what you gonna be. I guess I'll try this, my miss. I've got to find what I'm good at.

I guess I can't look him over. I've got to make it in this life, whatever makes me happy.

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