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best rpk class

The RPK is the most dominant and most used weapon in War Zone 2. So in today's article, we're going to break down the best RPK class setup with the tunes Let's get into it. This build is going to be mostly built around recoil and control, so up first, we want to go ahead and throw in a rear grip. It's going to be the demo X2 grip.

This thing is going to give us a massive boost to recoil control, which is going to be very beneficial to fry enemies from longer ranges, and since a lot of the other attachments are actually going to give us recall control too, if you want a little bit faster shooting speed, you could actually throw on this true-tack grip, and at the cost of a little bit of recoil control, we will be getting a massive buff to sprint to fire and ABS speed, but it is going to allow us to use this thing from medium to even short range in the gameplay we are using the demo X2 grip.

Up next, we are going to use it on all our long-range weapons, and we are going to go ahead and throw on the PV4 ammo. For the third attachment, we do want to go ahead and throw in a muzzle; it's going to be the polar fire. For the third attachment, we do want to go ahead and throw in a muzzle; it's going to be the ZLR.

best rpk class mw2

Talon, Once again, I personally think this is the best suppressor for your long-range weapons, as it does give the biggest buff to recoil and control. It is going to give us a little bit slower speeds than the polar firewood, but I honestly think it's worth it for the recoil control that we're going to gain with this thing.

But if you would like a little bit more accuracy, speed, and a little bit less recoil, you can once again go ahead and do it on the polar firewood or the four, which is in one of the most important attachments. This could be an underbarrel, but it's going to be the f-tac. Ripper This has the best recoil and control under the barrel in the game, and the cons are very minimal.

best rpk class setup

For our last attention before we do get into the tuning, it is going to be the high velocity rounds. When tuned correctly, these things are very, very good because they are one of the only attachments that are going to give us a boost in bullet velocity, which by default is very slow in this game, and even though it does say in the cons that we are going to lose some damage range, we are still going to be frying enemies from two to 300 meters, so we do not have to worry about that.

Now that we have all the attachments done, we do want to jump straight into the tuning, which is going to be basically all recoil. Control for the demo X2 grip, we do want to go ahead, and that's the aiming model stability and, the recoil, study then, so the ammo pv4, we're doing to Max with the aimed on sight speed, and I personally like to have it on far, but I know a lot of the pros like it on clothes, so test it on the firing range and just use whichever one you like better.

For the muzzle, we do want to go ahead and tune in to recall smoothness and bullet velocity; for the f-tack ripper, once again, we want to go back to stay realization and animal stability. And lastly, for the high-velocity rounds, we do want to match the bullet velocity and the damage range just to further increase the range in which we will be able to use this thing.

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