News - New "no Recoil" Taq-56 Is Insane Warzone 2. Best Taq-56 Class Setup

best taq 56 class

The tag 56 is easily one of the best assault rifles in War Zone 2 right now, and I got you guys a super low recoil. Build that you're going to absolutely dominate with so much speed before I do get into the attack. Bill, man, I want to shout out today's naughty, Gang And as always, make sure you guys leave a like on today's article.

You're going to start it off with a harbinger. D20 muzzle, for the sound suppression bullet velocity damage range and recoil smoothness, and once you guys do throw on the Harbinger D20 muzzle, make sure you tune in for a plus Point 68 for recoil smoothness and then a plus 0.48. For extra bullet velocity, next up we're going to put a barrel on the tag 56, and that's going to be the 17.5.

Tundra Pro Barrel for the damage range, hip fire accuracy, and better bullet velocity, and once we have the Tundra Pro Barrel, we want to tune in for a plus Point 21 for recoil steadiness and a plus 2015. For even more damage range, next up we want an under Barrel on our attack 56, and that's going to be the f-tac Ripper under barrel for the aiming Auto stability, hip fire accuracy, and more recoil stabilization.

best taq 56 class setup

This is going to greatly reduce the recoil for the attack 56, and on the F-tag Ripper, we're going to tune it for a little bit of recoil stabilization with a plus Point 15, and we're also going to tune it for aiming idle stability with a plus point 26. Now for the optic on the TAC 56, personally, I rock the ammo PB4, and that's just my favorite optic in Warzone 2.

If you want the Chrono Mini Pro or the Chrono Mini Dot, you could definitely go with that here depending on whatever you prefer, but for me. I'm definitely rocking the ammo pv4 scope; this is just my favorite scope in Warzone too, and for my tuning on the ammo pv4 scope. I had it maxed out for aim down sight speed and far.

I always tune my assault rifles for far just so I can see the most when I'm scoped in Warzone, and lastly, on our Tac 56, we do want to put on the 60-round mag to have the maximum ammo capacity possible, saving us from having to reload quite as much.

new NO RECOIL TAQ-56 is INSANE in WARZONE 2! Best TAQ-56 Class Setup.
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