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best bruen mk9 build

I dropped 34 kills using this metab Bruin Mark 9 loadout, so I'm going to break down every single attachment that I was using to make the Bruin one of the best longrange weapons in War Zone 3, so jumping straight into the first attachment for the metab Bruin class setup, we do want to start with a barrel, and the one we do want to run is the XRK Horizon V2, which is going to increase our range accuracy and recoil control.

As you can see, we get a 9% increase to the bullet velocity as well as a 9% decrease to the recoil gun kick horizontal recoil and the vertical recoil, which is going to make this build very easy to use. Next up, we do want to throw an optic onto the build, and there are two different ones depending on what you're looking for, with the first one being the Jack Glassless.

This is going to be the better option if you're looking for a more medium-range build, and then for the second option, if you want this build to be a bit better at long distances, you can use the Coral Eagles Ey 2.5., which is the best long-distance optic in all of War Zone 3. It's super clean, very easy to use, and it gives the gun very little visual recoil, turning this build into an absolute laser.

best bruen mk9 class setup

Are you tired of skill-based matchmaking giving you the sweatiest lobbies? I would definitely check out SPMM. Now we do want something to increase our mobility and handling, so with that being said, we want to throw on these 60-round magazines, which are going to do exactly that and give us a 5% increase in our movement speed.

best bruen mk9 class setup mw3

2% of the attack Sprint and Sprint speed as well as an 11% decrease to the aim down sight speed and 12% of the Sprint to fire time speeding this build up a ton making it feel a lot more like an assault rifle instead of an lmg, for the fourth attachment we do want something to lower our recoil so we want to throw on the best recoil control under Barrel in all of War Zone 3 which is the brew and heavy support grip and this is going to give us a 10% decrease to The Recoil gun kick as well as 12% of the horizontal recoil, like I said earlier making this build super easy to use and now for the fifth and final attachment we do want to throw on a muzzle that I use on almost every single build I've made lately which is the Zen 35 compensative flash hider my personal favorite muzzle in the entire game right now because it does give us a 5% decrease of the horizontal recoil as well as 15% of the vertical recoil, but only increases the aim down sight speed by about 5%.

Making any gun that you put this on have literally almost zero recoil while still staying very, very quick at the same time. Here's the full meta. Brin Mark 9 loads out for War Zone 3 season 2 reloaded, one of the best longrange weapons in the game right now, and with this build. I drop a 34-kill game on Fortune's Keepy, so without further ado, let's get into.

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BROKEN BRUEN MK9 Loadout in MODERN WARFARE 3 new BRUEN MK9 Class Setup in MW3.
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