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I tried the striker in War Zone 3, and it is one of the best SMGs in the game right now, so in today's article. I'm going to go through and break down every single attachment that you need to be running on your striker loadout. Let's get into it. Jumping straight into the first attachment on the Meta Striker build in War Zone 3, we want to throw on the recon, long barrel, which is going to give us a nice little increase to the bullet loss in range, and as you can see in the more detailed stats, 18.3%.

To the effective and minimum damage range and a 15% increase to the bullet velocity making this build do a lot more damage from the short to medium gunfights and just making the gun feel a lot better overall, next up we do want to go ahead and toss on the no stock attachment, which is going to give us a massive increase to the overall mobility and handling, 7.2% to our movement speed, and 14.4%.

Back into the build for the fourth attachment. I am going to give you guys two separate options depending on your play style, and the first option, and the one that I am going to be using, is going to be the high ammunition type, which is going to significantly increase our bullet velocity and damage range.

best striker build

As you can see, we get 15% for every single one of those stats, but once again, it is going to cost us a bit of recoil control, so instead, if you want to try to bring that recoil control up a little bit and make this thing even easier to use, you can throw on the S ZX rear grip, and it is going to do exactly that: increase our gun kick control and fire aiming stability.

The recoil control and the best part about this rear grip are that we actually receive zero cons for it, making this thing insanely, op, and for the last attachment to complete the meta Striker build in War Zone 3, we want to throw on these Sonic suppressors, which is of course going to get rid of our red dot on the mini map when we're firing our weapon, significantly decreasing our chances of being third party, and on top of that, it's going to give us an increase in our bullet velocity and damage range, making this build feel a lot better.

Here's the full Meta-Striker build in War Zone 3. This gun has some of the best mobility in the game right now, making it super fun to use, and with it. I dropped a 20+ kill game on the brand new map, so with that being said, let's jump into it using that as an SMG. It looks pretty nice, I'll show you, so ass D, did you remember when you said it was good the first day?

best striker build warzone

Hey, it's good as more of an SMG than an AR. Yeah, on your roof, yeah, I can try to snipe him. He's got one shot right here. Knock him, let's go, baby. Another one is pushing; knock him too. Did I rob you, or did I save you behind me? I think I would have killed him. I just went through the window, and as I jumped out of it, I should have been looking at the radar I put down I thre one.

God almost sold there; they're shooting at you, and I'm yeah. Landing behind them might just be a dead end. On that one, I literally don't see anyone, and then I just get fried out of the sky. Awesome has two of them. That's unfortunate i feel like that happens a lot on this. He messaged us again, and I hope his teammate comes back for his loot.

best striker class setup

He's in here. He's in here with me. He's so weak. Thank you, sir. I got you. Gun One was flying back in; he might have landed on his loot, but I doubt it. Landing behind I missed I'm dead for, sure cracked one, what is he a ghost? I had another UAV on me too; that's so annoying. Where's your teammate?

Just go, buddy, like it's just that they're all on. My my, I almost lost because Kimbo pistols sold me. Yeah, they're on the other side of this building; they're on the outside, though running on the ground. Damn, the bottom gas is moving in the new safe zone. Located at Grab Am, he's just in the corner.

He's just prone in the corner. Yeah, it's definitely two teams, one just double-buying back another, pushing him. I'm just going to land on him, kill him, and probably die for the other team. yeah I'm, Shot, enemy a shot There are so many kids in front of us that they're going to be holding us up.

Someone right here to the right knows I have no ammo. I only have a sniper right in front to the right to the right. I think I saw one. Never mind, I'm two again on a roof. You got gasb safe zone relocation; no like right here down. One shot, and he's only got a 30-rounder on his bass spe it, Rock Oh no, I got another shot on the other side of this fence.

best striker class setup mw3

Two kids down. I have no ammo. I got to push this quick hold on there's

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