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best kastov 545 class

All, dead I went on a cruise. He won the game. About a week ago at the time of recording this. I made a article on Pro Player Octane's cast-off 545 class setup, but he made a article on 545. Is very similar to the TAC 56 in terms of the statistics that impact the time to kill, making it a good alternative for ranked play if you'd like to run it now.

There was nothing wrong with the build of the 545 that Octane suggested; it'll work great for most people. It did work for me, but there are definitely attachments that I could change. I did make that change, which made the gun work better for my more aggressive playing style. Even with an AR in the competitive realm, the TAC 56 will generally win the gunfights at longer distances just because it has better recoil control, but if you build the 545 for mobility and handling, it fills the weird niche where there's a hybrid weapon between the TAC 56 and the AR-15 and the Vasnib, and it feels pretty nice.

You get similar damage to the TAC 56, but way better sprint to fire names down sight speeds. Don't worry, boys and girls; I'll be really quick about this for the rest of the class just to get it out of the way: The combat knife stun grenade semtex ranked as one of the perks in the double-time bomb squad's fast hands package.

best kastov 545 class mw2

We have a trophy system on also; note that I really only run this class and respawn; I would not recommend this for Search and Destroy; and then, real quick, just to remember what the other class setup was, it was the Komodo heavy muzzle and the FSS shark fin 90 underbarrel. The broadside stock, the true tag Griffin into high velocity rounds, and then just some minor changes to the build I'm running, which is this one.

I still have the Komodo Heavy. I still have the true-tack grip. I took off the high-velocity rounds. I swapped the shark fin to the edge 47, and I took off the back stock and made it the Pro Light TL3 stock. I tested out so many different muzzles just trying to figure out if the Komodo heavy was the best one, and it just is for the 545.

It's only horizontal in recoil and control, but that's just side-to-side recoil, which means all you have to focus on controlling is the up-and-down recoil, which you just pulled down for, and then as far as the high-velocity rounds, that's the dealer's choice. If you want to run at high velocity, by all means, go for it.

best kastov 545 class setup mw2

I wasn't running it, and I didn't really notice that big of a difference, but there is some gameplay coming up next. I'll let you watch that and decide if you like the 545. Or you can just try it out for yourself and decide if you like it. I do feel that this build of the gun is way better than Octanes, at least for my play style, which is an aggressive style AR player.

I got into some situations where I could hang with attack in normal situations, and there were other situations where attack probably wouldn't have been able to do what I was doing whenever I got close engagements with people I was going to show support to on the channel. Enjoy the hotel's hardpoint.

PowerPoint, compromised.

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