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best fss hurricane class

The most underrated SMG in Warzone 2. The FSS Hurricane has the damage range, recoil, and control of an assault rifle and the speed and time to kill of an SMG, so we're going to break down this broken hurricane class setup. Let's get into it. So jumping straight into the build for attachment number one, we want to use the shell damp, or however the hell you say that suppressor.

This thing is going to give us a buff to our bullet velocity, recoil, smoothness, recoil, and control making. This gun is very diverse and just feels very good overall. For the tuning, we are going to want to max it out for aim down sight speed as well as bullet velocity because this build is already going to have very good recoil and smoothness; we don't need to worry about that, and we always like to get as much bullet velocity as we can on our build because it makes the guns feel very good.

Next up, we do want to throw on a barrel, and we're going to use the FSS. Cannon a This thing is going to buff our damage range, hip fire accuracy, and bull velocity, like I said in the intro, giving this thing the range of an AR while still feeling insane. As an SMG, for the tuning, we are going to max out the aim down sight and the aim walking speed because we are using this as an SMG, so we do want to keep the handling and mobility as high as possible for attachment number three.

best fss hurricane class warzone 2

We are going to throw on a laser, and we want to use the old FSS V laser. This laser is going to give us the biggest buff to aim down sight and spread the fire speed of any of the lasers on this gun, meaning they're seeing a very snappy aim down sight or the laser tuning we do to match the aimed outside and the sprint to the fire speed because these are two of the most important stats on SMG builds.

We do want to throw on a stock next, and we're going to use the demo quick silver stock. This is going to increase our overall mobility, including our sprinting and walking speeds. Crouch movement speed, aim down sight speed, and make sure we are not mistaking this thing for the demo Quicksilver.

best fss hurricane loadout

even though this thing would give us a lot more mobility. The Recoil control of this thing is going to be almost unusable. So we do just want to stick with the demo Quicksilver, and for the tuning on it we are once again just going to go to aim walking and aim down sight speed, and for the last attachment we do want to throw on a rear grip and we're going to use the X10 grip.

This will give us a huge buff to aim down sight and sprint to fire speed, including our build for the most diverse SMG in War Zone 2. And for the tuning, we just want to max out these prints of fire and aim down speed once again. Here's the full, broken Ephesus Hurricane build and Warzone 2 season 2 reloaded.

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