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Taq m class setup

Taq m class setup

Okay, so it's been a little bit since I last posted the tacm, and I made some minor changes here and ended up taking the barrel off. I ended up chucking on an optic; there are a few other minor changes, but overall, it's more or less the same type of build as my last one. The tacm is a weapon you kind of want to play extremely slowly with and make sure you're aiming for the head so you get that one-shot kill, obviously.

It's still a two-shot kill at, basically, every range. Let's get started here with the attachment, starting with the rear grip, where I have the FSS combat that's going to give you overall recoil control of the weapon and where I have it tuned to aim down sight speed and aim idle stability for the stock.

best taq m class

I have the TV X Line Pro, which is going to give you crouch movement speed. Sprint speed and aim down sight speed are just to help the mobility of the weapon a little bit, and they're going to be tuned for aim down sight speed and aim idle stability now for the optic I have, the SC sro7. Precision, sight picture, is the only sacrifice; there's a tiny bit of aim down sight speed, and personally, I don't think it needs like a sniper scope type attachment.

This one doesn't necessarily zoom it in, but it just has that precise sight picture. Now, all the way over here to the muzzle, we have the Tempest GH50, obviously, for vertical recoil control. It's a semi-auto weapon, so horizontal recoil is not really a big deal on those types of weapons; it's more or less that vertical kick when you're spamming that trigger there, so I'm going to be tuning that one to aim down side speed and gun kick control now.

We're finishing it off with the VX pineapple grip that's going to give you hip recoil control, hip fire accuracy, recoil steadiness, and aim walking steadiness, where you're going to want that tuned to just aim downside speed. Obviously, the attack m is nowhere near a meta-type weapon, but it's not the hardest weapon to use while going for camos, and honestly, I kind of enjoy using it to get those one-shot kills. But without further ado, let's slide over into a gameplay so you can see what the build is all about.

Taq m gameplay

Taq m gameplay

I hope you enjoy it. It's been a while since I used the tactic, and I think I made some very good ones. Hello, bro i knew he was there. I knew he was. I just couldn't react quickly enough.

If I don't miss that first shot in the beginning, I'm in better shape, but being what it is, I would like to get at least 55

I will be using the one shot kill best class setup for the taq m marksman rifle in call of duty modern warfare 2 mw2 multiplayer. This particular loadout for the taq m has a decent aim down sight speed, but is still is most effective with a slow style of pace. In the gameplay, I will be going for high kills while using the best Taq M class setup on Mercado Las Almas in mw2 multiplayer. Make sure you jump in the modern warfare 2 and give the gun a try now.
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