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best m4 class

We got the M4 class setup today, and this is one of the best M4 class setups for no recoil. This thing is a beast, and I'm hoping you give it a try, man. Y'all see it; it looks a little different, man. I'm telling y'all this thing slaps, man. At the end of this article, I will give you the class setup, and until then, rock out this gameplay for your boy.

I need that. Watch time, man. Enjoy friendly strikes in the AO friendly Guardian is active friendly Guardian. Welly don't even know where you coming from and remember me remember me little boy remember me little boy Yeah, little boy, little boying, no, thren was that even his team, no. I got them toloy enemy destroy use your to hunt down the noodles with eggs.

Yeah, the rest of that is on your T. Go get it, hun. We still don't have enough load out. What are we doing? I see an enemy. How are you? We're too busy fighting here. T little, you know what you want. Lo, ask who threw that smoke that is behind behind; it only happens later. Rounds on your from on top of that hostile guardian who has been deployed came behind me, here knocked, one, station Good work, good kill.

best m4 class 3

Marking the rest of that squad on your T map, get hunting. Why do you have two Lo? pushing brother that was like, dir, was. All right, man, so we made it to the end of the article, man. Let's get down to the class setup so we got the C break for the muzzle man so we've been rocking this gun has a lot on the RAM and it been shooting nukes so I gave it a try inf4 and it as slaps, so now we got the Brewing pivot vertical grip we're not using the Brewing heavy support grip because this gun has a little bit of Weare recoil control when it comes to aiming down the sight and shooting it so we rock with the BR pip vertical and it beams, as y'all saw in the article.

Now we have the 60-round mag. We need that for them—full team wipes or just to get multiple knocks—so we definitely have to throw that 60 on; we're not rocking the 45. Now we have the cers, the classic reflex.

NEW FASTEST KILLING AR in Warzone! Best M4 Class Setup. Best M4 Class Setup Warzone 3 Best M4 Loadout MW3 Warzone 3 Meta Loadout Class Setup.
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