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what's good YouTube: In today's article, we're brand new guys. The buff KV broadside in Warzone season five and the black Converse are going to break 150. It takes two things out of your damn men's world for me: Comment or shout out to be on the screen. Press you guys to comment on the article. One of your comments shouts out any future upload.

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Class setup

setup with a barrel on the ZLR. Sport 8, that damage range and ball velocity rival control here, but actually this is the best barrel in the game for that range on the shotgun, really making it overpowered. This is the tuning on the barrel; we max out the recoil steadiness and damage range the miles around the sash wagon DX that sound depression ball velocity damage range and recourse movers.

This is the tuning on the muzzle to max out the smoothness and build velocity. The ammunition on the 12 Gorge Dragon's Breath is going to give us that fire ammo, making it completely overpowered. This is the tuning; we maxed out the damage; we really just want to be shredding kids, and that bull velocity with the magazine around the 25 Show Drum; we want to be wiping squads with saying.

You definitely want to put this on, and finally, for the ball around the dashboard, 60 This is really what makes it overpowering: having a higher fire rate, so you can spam this weapon. I hope you guys read today's Bangor article with the KV broadside. Let's get right on to it.**.

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