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after battle pass glitch

The new season is out. Yes, season 3 is officially public, and you want to know the best way to get unlimited tokens. I'm going to show you guys glitches that will let you get unlimited tokens while you're at work because we all have busy lives, and I know you guys want to unlock all this content as quick as you can.

We have multiple ways that you guys can do this, so the first one is going to be over at War Zone. Now, of course, make sure that you have your game fully updated, so you guys are running season 3. Then, when you're in the war zone, you want to go into your settings and make sure that you have auto-deploy, then go over to Resurgence, go to lockdown, or plunder.

Just whatever mode you want, lock down and plunder is better, and the reason why is because if you're using Resurgence, you have to have Squad fill on. If you're using lockdown or plunder, you do not need Squad fill-on. If you are playing Resurgence, you may mess up other people's games. That's the only thing I mean.

mw3 afk battle pass

That's the only somewhat negative thing about this. If you don't care about other people's games, that's not that big of a deal to you. Just do it if you want bot lobbies, so you guys can get Interstellar and Camo. You want ranked play bot lobbies for War Zone MP so you guys can get to Crimson. Check out silent services and unlock all schematics in Zombies.

Check out silent services. In the description, there are reviews on the screen. You want to find carpet in your house. Now most of you guys should have carpet. If you don't, that's okay. I'll explain how to do it without carpet. You want to find a wall. Now all of you guys should have walls.

I hope so. Once you guys find a wall and carpet, you want to put your controller upside down against the wall and have the joysticks. Being pushed by the carpet, so as you can see in this picture right here, if you look at the joysticks, they're being pushed by the carpet, but it's against the wall, so it will be constantly pushed, and now once you guys set it up like this, you will see that your controller will move by itself, and you don't have to touch anything at all.

mw3 glitch

You just want to go to work, do homework, or do whatever you need to do because what's going to happen is that you will not get kicked from this game, and your character is going to keep running in circles. And you will see that once this game ends, it will load you up right into another one. This is the newest and best way to get AFK—unlimited tokens.

Now, once you die in this because you're going to die from a player if you're in Resurgence, you're going to respond plunder, you're going to respawn and lock down, you're going to respa, just that's it. That's all you guys have to do. Set it up, go into any of the modes, then put your controller against the carpet against the wall, and it will move for you and load into the next game automatically.

And it will keep loading you into games, and you'll be able to get the battle pass progress and get unlimited tokens while being AFK. If you don't have a carpet, you want to put a rubber band on your controller like so, and that is all you do now, just the pictures on screen. Just do that. I don't ever do it like that because I have a carpet, and the carpet is just the easiest thing to do.

mw3 season 3 battle pass glitch

Okay, guys, that is how you guys do AFK, battle pass tokens, in the war zone, and the best way to do it is in the war zone. You can go AFK with zombies, but there won't be a full AFK like in War Zone because you will have to load into the game each and every time you find an AFK spot. If you do want to choose zombies, just find a balcony or something like this, then go prone here, and no zombies will be able to get you; you'll be able to go AFK.

You won't get kicked, but once it ends, you will have to manually go in and load into the next game, so this is partially AFK. You can do this while doing homework, and then just every hour, just load into the next game and then continue doing homework, but that is another way, and with this way right here in Zombies, you won't have to put your controller against the carpet at all because you don't get kicked.

mw3 season 3 glitch

No matter what, you can be completely AFK. not even touch your controller and not have your character move, and you'll be fine, so keep that in mind. You only have to put your controller against the carpet and have it move by itself in the war zone anyway. Are you guys excited for season 3? Battle passes well, AFK.

Well, that's great. Have a great day or night. Don't forget to check out Silent Services. And may Allah bless you.

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