News - New "3 Shot" Amr 9 Warzone 3. Best Amr 9 Class Setup - Warzone 2

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YouTube It's your boy Shase, and today I got you guys with the new updated broken three-shot AR9 class setup in War Zone 3, but before you get to the class setup. Bell to stay tuned when I post, all right. Guys, for the muzzle The first attachment for this AR-9 class setup was the Brewing Pendulum Muzzle for that gun, which can control vertical recoil and horizontal recoil.

Next, we got the most important barrel attachment for this AR9 class setup, and that barrel was the AR9 enforcer long barrel for that velocity and range. We controlled that gun with K-Control. Next, we went down to the under barrel and made sure to SL that F tag Ripper 56 under for that aiming out of fire courtesy and that Reco control.

Next, go up the optic and a crucial attachment for this AM-9 class setup, and that optic was the slate reflector for that precision side picture. For the magazine that's attached and for this AM-9 class setup, make sure to slap that 50-round M for that magazine's ammo capacity. All right Guys, there you have it.

That's the three-shot updated broken AM-9 class set up in War Zone 3. I'm not going to waste any more time; let's get right into the article. Their enemies are dropping into the area. Watching the skies, we breach the enemy network, locate their uplink stations, and download their intelligence before they lock us in.

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Out, good kill; mark the rest of that squad on your T map

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