News - Nadia Exposes Aimbot Warzone 2. Her Reaction Is Priceless

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About that, this is a brand new clip from Warzone 2, and we're about to show you a clear Aimbot. Transfer where his aim snaps from one enemy to another now. Unfortunately. We're going to watch it all the way through, then slow it down and zoom it in. Okay, that's it; that's the clip. It was a clip a while ago with Shifty TV where his Aimbot was locked onto an enemy, the enemy flew behind the lamppost, and his aim unlocked then re-locked.

Now pay attention to this clip again in slow motion. Pay attention to the palm tree. Pay attention to how the aim transfers from the enemy on the hill as he dips down outside of here, so when he's in Corbett, hitting transfers to the guy on the left, but when it bypasses the tree, it's almost like the aimbot malfunctions; watch it.

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So if you were using Game Boss and you had it set so it only locked onto enemies who are visible, then this type of thing can happen if you have two enemies by you and you are already locked on to one who's favored away, then it's not going to transfer over to the other guy until the enemy you're locked on to goes down or that ice dependent, or maybe having a butter down player or not, however in this situation the enemy she's originally aiming at the top of the hill dips down and as soon as it goes down, her aim starts to transfer to the next available target, who just so happens to be on the left, but as it's transferring over, her aim goes by that palm tree, and when that happens, it's almost like it breaks hitting, but because you see it malfunction, and then it kills the guy on the left, but once that guy is done and down hit.

Aim transfers effectively back up to the guy on the hill, who is visible again; you need to see it again. I'm going to show you again. And there is a reason I wanted to show you guys it again: did you notice her reaction after that happened? Let's go back and watch the moments she realized he wasn't but messed up.

Just walk through how I'll master shooting a guy. Oh, look at the camera now, yeah. The look of panic on her face as she realized her aim shouldn't be doing that in a Call of Duty game and that is not natural aim at all In fact, this scale is so blatant that she may as well have a wall tattoo on display.

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But that's not how you get famous by cheating, is it? She's a prime example of people who were able to cheat, gain success, and slip through the net once you hit a certain point. There's no way you can be fully exposed, so people ask why we've got loads of articles of Nadia. No one, but then people aren't really interested in watching the chief in Warzone either, and the only people left watching it on Switch are the viewbot service that she pays for.

I'll catch it on the flip side,

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