News - Mission : Flashlight. Call Of Duty Warzone 2. Ultra Graphics. Ps5 - 4k60fps


Gold Eagle to Bravo 6 security confirms gunfire and at least one explosion in the stadium with multiple injuries over copy we're inbound now be advised Marov and his men may still be inside, but if he's there, you bring him out alive. Roger, that's medical. First responders will not enter until the scene is clear.

The third-floor VIP lounge may be Makarov's next target. Christ almighty, you said it, son ghost, and I am 10 miks out. Let's bag this bastard out here. Move the threat to the airport; he had the stadium, Front, go legal. Bravo 6, we're innal and pushing to the VIP area. Be advised inner Circle is posing is police, over, all police on target, hostile it up run go P it up push it forward, moving up, mooving up push it.

Sergeant, Special Forces hands, show your hands. Justin Bonders, don't shoot. How did you get in here? security let us in who are you with please we are trying to [__] I need help over here. Soldier help, Please, secure Soldier, you broke him with just a plate. Check it; they had explosives. This was the next target.


Gold Eagle actual explosives located in the VIP area. No sign of macarov copy; make it safe. The locals set up a cordon so Marov would have to leave quickly. We're five mics out. Don't let it escape. Go it that the gar confirms secure the explosives, then get to the secondary xville. Clean, you're going to kill me.

Oh, I thought about it. Yeah, I recommend you do, and I'll recommend you tell your men to stand down. You're not trained to stand down; that's more your strategy. Keep him close to all stations. We have Maerov moving to the extract. Roger and John They'll fight to get him back. We're counting on it.

Take him left. We cleared these vehicles. We move up. Rog gets going. Incoming, we clear a farm, grab Marov, and let's move. I'll take him. It's not safe here. We need to move. You're not safe anywhere. The luck's running dry, macarov. I don't believe in luck. I believe in planning bad luck.

It's just a planning move. Your ass found a way through, Sergeant. Let's move i bestow my blessings on your courage, but curse your stupidity. I said, Move; worry about yourself. Every man is replaceable, even me. Move christ, you're not a soldier; you're a war criminal. These people need medical care.


What's stopping you from helping them? Sergeant, it's your choice. You did this—not us, but innocent people. No one is. Innocent war is treachery enough of the through It's a clear visual on the exit this way. Keep walking time for you to meet some friends of mine. Where are they? So are mine.

Get moving you should know when you've lost. You're still thinking about victory. Think about success; incoming H.M. Clears them move Gold Eagle Axel, we're on the external east side of the stadium. What do you say? Bravo 6, we're on station. Be advised, you have enemies. Personnel moving in from the north will provide snipers with support copies.

We'll meet you with the primary Xville 6 out, and I'll handle clearing you. Simon Riley I expected you to stay at the airport and die there. If you want to live, do not threaten my men. Vladimir, are we on a first-name basis with her, so you know names? Anyone could read a bloody dossier. What's the rest of your plan?


What do you mean, this is amazing? You're all dumber than you look. Timing is everything. General, I think we'll all remember this moment some more fondly than.

Dive into the heart-pounding action of "Mission Flashlight" in Call of Duty MW3 2023 on the PS5! Experience the thrill of ultra graphics at stunning 4K resolution and a buttery-smooth 60FPS.
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