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In this article, we're going to be transforming a pistol into an SMG. That's right, you can transform the x13 auto into the x13 carbine, and I dropped a ridiculously, and I mean ridiculously, clutch MGB nuke. Turn those post indications around.

Clutch x13 auto mgb nuke gameplay mw2

We can do this here, y'all, with this. The thing about this is that you're going to really have to make sure you're sitting at close ranges because that's like the only way this thing is going to be a viable UAV.

You load this bad boy. I got like three of them coming this way. If we can catch them before they actually do, I really do feel like this guy knew I was coming; he probably heard my footsteps. Nope, that other one back there; we're not gonna mess with that. I'm just calling it in. Fill me up on the right; send it.

best mw2 x13 class

That was clutch. I'm going to have to go ahead and I'm going to have to go ahead and jack off this cast-off build because whatever this guy had on it, this hoe was hitting whatever this guy had in this cast-off. I gotta go ahead and make a class setup, my. All right, let's go ahead and create the X13 carbon.

This is definitely a weird pistol slash SMG, but it's a fun build now for the rest attached, we're actually going to be skipping over the rear grip here; these are not going to be helping us out at all now we are going to rock a stock, and it's gonna be the XRK bar stock, to bump up that Crouch movement speed, recoil control sprint speed, as well as aiming stability overall, strengthening this pistol slash SMG, hybrid, at those medium to longer ranges now for the tuna, we are going to increase the aim walking speed to negative 2.09, and we're also going to adjust the down sight speed to negative 1.94.

best x13 auto class

Remember, this is going to be a pistol-SMG hybrid, so we want to go ahead and have as much close-range handling as possible now that we are not running an optic. The iron sights are literally crystal clear; there's nothing obstructive about them. There's no reason to go ahead and run an optic on this SMG, and now we're also going to skip over the laser; these are not going to be helping us out either for the specific class setup.

Now we are going to rock a barrel. This is going to be mandatory; it's going to be that impact point; that's what's going to be transforming that x13 auto pistol into the carbine SMG, increasing our recoil and control as well as hip fire accuracy definitely; a pretty decent attachment; and the only way you can make it into a submachine gun now for the tuning, we are going to increase the damage range here to plus point 28 as well as the recoil steadiness to plus point 40.

You're going to have to bump up that range because remember, it is technically a pistol-style SMG, so we need as much help as possible at those longer ranges, and obviously that Rico status is going to be helping us out a lot as well. Now, we are going to rock a mouse, which is going to be the Fort Steel Fire again, another attachment to increase that medium-to-longest capability.

best x13 auto class mw2

With that sound suppression, low velocity damage range, and recoil smoothness, we can run on their spawn of a quick and easy streak and table out at longer ranges. Now for the tuning, we are going to bump up the aim-down sight speed to negative 0.59, as well as some more bullet velocity at plus 0.74, and a We're going to have the best of both worlds.

Here at close range as well as long range, we are going to rock an underbell, which is going to be the f-tac tiger grip, to basically smooth out that recoil pattern, making sure we can tibble out at longer ranges. a little bit easier now for the tuning, we are going to increase the aim walking speed at negative point 18 and, even more, the aim down sight speed at negative point 41.

best x13 auto class setup

We're not going to adjust the recoil stabilization because, again, this is a pistol, so we want to have a pretty decent aim and down sight time in the final. We are going to go ahead and put on the 50-round drum here just to make sure we get people out at close ranges, and if we run into more than one person, we can go ahead and destroy them.

You can run a 33-round magazine, but honestly, I think the 50-round drum works well. I want you guys to jump into the firing range. You're going to see that this weapon does have a pretty decent ad, and at the same time, the recall control is going to be rather good even at those medium ranges, but again, you're going to want to make sure you're picking your engagements smartly at random.

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The setup is going to be the riot shield. I recommend going ahead and swapping this out for any air you find off the ground sudden, grenade proximity, and mine and my custom perk packet set up for double-time scavenger resupply. Here as well as quick fix and for the field upgrades I have on Pro with medicine box as well as Dead Silence because this class set up a try, it's one of those you can use for fun.

I'm Gonna Catch You, in the next one this is.

Modern Warfare 2 - Best X13 AUTO Class Setup MW2 Best X13 AUTO Tunes MW2! This X13 AUTO MW2 Best Class Setup has NO RECOIL and INSANE DAMAGE in Modern Warfare 2! Hope you enjoy the video and make sure to have a wonderful rest of your day.
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