News - I Built The Fastest "spr 208" Quickscope Class For Shipment. The Best Spr 208 Class Setup Warzone 2

best quickscope class spr 208

This gun is so fun to use, and my personal favorite sniper to use in Modern Warfare 2. Okay, guys, so the class that you're going to see me using in the clips is, obviously, the SPRS. We go with the X13 auto, and that's the class that I do run for. There's no tune on it at all, so you can go ahead and put that on, and if you want to put that on, I'll go for stun grades and drill charges.

My tactical and lethal perks packages include double-time scavenge, up-fast hands, and quick fix. In my field, upgrades are dead silence or munition boxes. The first attachment on the SP guys is going to be the FSS Olay V laser, giving us good speed, better aiming stability, and better Sprint to fire speed for.

866 times put, on whichever update you want, just make sure you copy the tuning that I'm about to show you, but yeah, for me, the SB X is just a really nice one. I have it set at 6.6 times magnification; I never put it on 11. But personally, I just like how the SPX plays. It feels really nice; it's not too zoomed in, it's not too zoomed out, and it just feels like you are doing a really good job of quick scoping for the tuning on this.

best quickscope spr 208 class

I'll bring it all the way down to the ads speed and I'll bring it down to 0.56, towards the close for the stock guys, we're going for the ZL T70. There are a lot of people building quit-scope and class setups, and they're not built for damage at all. Bolt to increase the retainer bleed, which basically means once you shoot that first gun, it's going to bolt back a lot faster, allowing you to get the next shot off a lot faster than if you would be able to if you didn't have this attachment on, which is the fastest quick scoping class up for the SR 208 class in Modern Warfare 2.

I'm going to let a bunch of clips run out now that I did manage to get with this class, and there are some really, really good clips in there as well, so make sure you stay all the way to the end to end up in any of those.

In this video we are going to be taking a look at the best spr 208 class setup for mw2 This spr 208 quickscoping class is the fastest sniping class in modern warfare 2.
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