News - New Fastest "spr 208" Class Is Like Aimbot Warzone 2. Best Spr 208 Class Setup - Warzone 2

Fast spr 208 mgb nuke streak mw2

Fast spr 208 mgb nuke streak mw2

The SBR 208 is insanely fun here at Modern for two; I've been incredibly fast with a classic that feels like a shotgun. I was able to go ahead and run around and drop an MGB nuke. All right, let's go ahead and create the absolute fastest SPAR 208 class setup so you can use the sniper rifle. The Marksman rifle, or whatever you want to call it, is a shotgun, which is pretty crazy, and it's ridiculously overpowered with these attachments.

Now for the first attach, we're actually going to skip over the bolts; these are not going to help us out now we're going to jump right over to the cone. Remember Rock the aim assist 406, to increase the sprint to fire speed as well as the aim down sight speed, let's pick a snap under targets and get that first shot now for the tuning, we are going to increase the aim down sight speed almost all the way down to negative.

best mw2 spr 208 class

Point 19, and we're also going to increase that aim walking speed to negative Point 18. Remember maxing out of these sliders, this is not going to be your best option. It's going to create negative values, which is actually going to make the gun worse. Now we're going to jump to the stock, and we're going to rock the zlr.

T70, pad extension to further increase that crouch movement speed, sprint speed, as well as aim downside speed, making sure that we can snap on the players and dominate at those close ranges. Pages again. I'm saying this as we're using a marksman rifle sniper rifle stupid now for the tomb: we're going to bump up that aim out of stability to plus 2.01 and we're also going to increase that aim down sight speed to more than negative 3.26.

best spr 208 class

We want to go ahead and bump up that stability, so it's actually easy to use if you're trying to aim down sight for a little bit longer period of time. There's no need to run an optic. I mean, let's be honest, this gun is best without an optic. We are running a laser, believe it or not, and we're going to rock the FSS, OLED, and laser to increase the aim-down sight speed and aiming stability, as well as the sprint to fire speed.

It's a Marksman rifle, a sniper rifle. The laser being visible does not matter because we're in somebody's sights or we're aimed outside of somebody who's dying, so it's going to be completely irrelevant. Fortunately, we can't tune that now for the barrel. We're going to rock the 12.5-inch, carbon barrel again to further increase the aim-down sight speed, hip recoil control, as well as movement speed.

best spr 208 class mw2

We need all the movement and all the aim down sight we can get. The cons are an absolutely irrelevant event here and now for the tomb. We're going to bump up that aim downside speed even more to negative 0.35, and we're also going to increase that aim walking speed to negative 0.29. Again, to increase that close range handling so you can just run around and just absolutely destroy people like it's a shitshot stupid now, for the muzzle we are going to rock the polar fire, which honestly might sound strange, but theoretically, this is literally a run and gun weapon.

It's a sniper rifle marksmanship map all you want to call it. Having the polar fires to help us out with that sound suppression, a little velocity damage, range as well as recoil, smoothness, now for the tomb, we are going to go ahead and increase the bullet velocity some more to plus.81, and we're also going to increase that aim down sight speed to negative 0.99 again so we can have the best of both worlds, close range as well as long range, here being bestiality, and just overall just annihilate people.

As well as quick fix, and then finally, from my field upgrade, we have Munitions Box as well as Dead Silence, definitely a great option with Pro enabled. Make sure to go ahead and give this SP Classic a try; it is a monster, and I had a bunch of fun running it. In the next

Modern Warfare 2 - Best SPR 208 Class Setup MW2 Best SPR 208 Tunes MW2 in Season 1! This MW SPR 208 MW2 Best Class Setup has NO RECOIL and INSANE DAMAGE in Modern Warfare 2! Hope you enjoy the video and make sure to have a wonderful rest of your day.
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