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How to get all cryptid bootcamp event rewards fast

How to get all cryptid bootcamp event rewards fast

Welcome back to a brand new article. Today we got the crypted boot camp event that has now gone live. I was able to finish off this event and complete all the challenges in around 2 hours. I'm going to show you guys the fastest way to complete all the challenges so you don't have to really worry about them, and they're actually pretty easy.

Only one of them is difficult, and I'll show you guys the fastest way to do that one as well. But let's go ahead and get into it. I'll give you guys the tips based on each challenge that I've completed, and then after that, I'll also give you guys additional tips after we go through all of them.

Get 20 operator kills with throwing knives

So the first challenge that we have is to get 20 operator kills with throwing knives. This one is very straightforward and easy to do. The zombie version is: Get 120 zombie kills with a throwing knife. I'd recommend doing this in multiplayer. Go to the small map MH pit; it's all close quarters, so you should get this within a game or too.

For the loadout, I would recommend you put on the demolition vest, and that will give you an additional throwing knife. You can also put on the scavenger perk, and that will help you pick up even more throwing knives while you are using them. Because this challenge is so easy, you're going to be able to mix it in with the other challenges so that way you can do multiple at the same exact time, which we'll get into once we get into the upcoming challenges.

Get 50 one shot kills with sniper rifles

Get 50 one shot kills with sniper rifles

The next one that we have is going to be getting 50 one-shot operator kills with a sniper. There's also the zombie version, which is getting 10 special zombie critical kills with sniper rifles. I would recommend that you do the 501, shot one. This one's pretty easy in the small MH pit. This is the exact loadout that I was using.

I decided to use the longbow because I'm going in and it's going to get hectic. There are a lot of players running around, and I want to be able to scope in as quickly as possible. This can get you hit markers if you hit below the chest, but I would recommend that you still use it anyway because of the number of kills that you can get per game.

cod cryptid bootcamp event

I believe I got like 40 kills in the first match, and 30 of those were one-shot kills. Within the next game. I was able to complete this, so in under two matches. I was able to finish off this challenge, and once again, because it only requires that you use a sniper and get one-shot kills. You can mix this in with the other challenges to be able to complete multiple challenges at the same time, which will make a little bit more sense as we go down towards the challenges.

The next one that we have this one is get.

Get 40 kills with the marksman rifle conversion aftermarket part

40 operators kill with the Marksman rifle conversion aftermarket, part equipped, while you are using the threat identification system and the stalker boots perk. As I was working on this event, this challenge was not tracking properly, and no matter what different aftermarket part I use, which perks I put on this wasn't tracking at all.

I believe one of the perks didn't even work properly; it wasn't pinging players, so this might be bugged, and I ended up doing the zombie version of this one instead. While you are watching this, they probably may have fixed this challenge, so just in case you want to put on the stalker boots, it's going to be the boots, which are going to be the second last slot, and the threat identification.

cod cryptid bootcamp rewards

System is going to be the gear, which is the very last slot, and that is what it looks like, so you want to put these on your load out, and then you want to put on a Marksman rifle with an aftermarket part equipped on it, and then just jump into any mode and get those 40 eliminations. I would test it out by getting one kill backing out and seeing if it tracks; if it doesn't, that means they still have not fixed it, and you will need to do the zombie version of this challenge instead, and that is going to destroy three Harvester orbs.

This one took me the longest out of all of the challenges, mainly because it was RNG. Based on this, the Harvester orbs don't have a set exact spawn rate, and they do sort of float around the zombie map. These are the typical areas where you will find them, so grab an ATV or any sort of vehicle and roam around towards these different areas.

I believe there are additional spawns on top of this, but they're always around the edge of the map, so I would drive in a circle through the edge of the map occasionally. Look at your mini map because if you get near it, they will appear on the mini map, and once you do find them, they'll be floating around.

You'll need a weapon with decent recoil control as well as a big mag size because this thing has a lot of HP, and you definitely want to destroy it because if you shoot it a couple times and stop shooting at it for a while, it actually ends up disappearing. And it will not count for your challenge, so make sure that you fully destroy, and it will give you a pop-up when you actually do that, and you'll need to destroy three of them.

It was almost impossible for me to find three in one match, so the good news is that you don't need to do all of them in the same match; it will take you maybe a couple of games to do. You can knock these out with some other challenges if you want to do that, but then the next one that we have after this one is to get two operator kills with a shotgun or a melee weapon within the same life.

Get 2 operator kills with shotgun or melee weapon in one life

Get 2 operator kills with shotgun or melee weapon in one life

Do the multiplayer version of this challenge; the other one is to get 50 hellhound kills with a shotgun.

Finding 50 hellhounds could take you anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. This one took me, like, less than 10 minutes to fully complete. This is the shotgun loadout. I was using the Fire Riveter shotgun, which was very overpowered and broken, and this really irritated the players, which helped me actually complete the challenge a little bit faster.

What I would do is go into the shipment, run around, find the person, and just eliminate someone. As soon as I get that first kill, I will run towards the center and get in the container. I would sit there for a little bit until someone would walk by or just come near that area, and then I would shoot them, and whenever you would do that, it would sort of condition them into thinking this guy's camping with the shotgun.

cod event guide

In the container, it would sort of start coming towards you and feeding you free kills, and if you guys take a look here at this clip, this guy with the optic skin was very mad that I was using the shotgun. He kept coming back, and I just kept feeding off of him, and I was able to get this challenge completed.

The next challenge that we have is going to be getting 75 , operator.

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