News - Helldivers 2 Is Destroying Call Of Duty Warzone 2

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It's absolutely hilarious that these small development teams whether it was recently po world or right now hell divers 2 better known as a sequel to muff divers to it's hilarious that these small developers are absolutely destroying big multi-billion dollar corporations with thousands of people working on these games.

It's pretty awesome, actually, because Call of Duty can go [__]. itself Look at the numbers here on the steam charts for Hell Divers 2, the sequel to Muff Divers 2O. It's huge it's what she said. It's huge look at the players right now. This is live. I'm filming this in the middle of the afternoon on Saturday.

310, 000, 120, 000 Peak 24 hours ago 120, 000; the all-time peak is. 488, 000 rather, keep in mind that this is not a free-to-play game; this is a purchase game that you compare to a game that has a very small development team that has 333, 000 in its peak, so 150, 000 more. It's not over yet, as you can see here; it's climbing up because it's a full release now that everyone is playing it, and this is not a free-to-play game; this is a purchase game that you have to play for it.

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You don't know what Hell Ders was. By the way. I didn't even mention that it is a third-person squad-based shooter that sees Elite forces of Hell divers battling to win an intergalactic struggle to rid the galaxy of the rising alien threats. From a third-person perspective, players use a variety of weapons, etc., to shoot and kill the alien threats.

Players can also aim down sights for more accurate first-person car combat; blah combat is done by frequent sprays of blood in this member event. It's not super spectacular, but it's certainly a great game, and it has a lot of great reviews. And it's fun, unlike Call of Duty, which is populated by the Call of Duty Community, which is predominantly [__].

punk ass I mean, sorry, I really just am on one when it comes to the Call of Duty Community recently. I despise so many of the people in the Call of Duty Community, and just the people that play the game and are populated—they're just the most insufferable pieces of [__]]. going just saying I hate the [__]] Call of Duty Community, so anything that brings down Call of Duty now, not just the game itself but just the people who play it.

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I'm all for, down with Call of Duty, but let's just look at these numbers one last time. Let's put them side by side, shall we? Okay, there they are, right there. There's a number right there. I mean, come on, this game is absolutely pummeling. Call of Duty, and it's not even close, and it's a paid game.

This is free to play. Anyone can play this anytime; no matter what, you know what. These are the steam numbers, and most people play Call of Duty on console. Actually, that's not true. Testimony from Bobby Codic said that the large majority of the Call of Duty player base is actually on PC now.

Well, actually, it's 50% mobile, but then the rest is 30% on PC, and then 20% on. I think. PlayStation, or 16% and 14% on Xbox to be specific here, so the majority of people playing Call of Duty who are playing mobile are on PC. You know you can take that excuse. That little ball shoves up your ass and sets fire to it.

Well, that's the article, quick and sweet, just like my sex boom hangs out with the average 2 destroying Call of Duty.

Helldivers 2 is doing amazingly well and is destroying Call of Duty MW3 and Warzone. In this video I give a quick review of the game. - BECOME A MEMBER AND HELP SUPPORT ME TO CREATE BETTER VIDEOS.
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