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Advice for the whole game, including model for two, then check out my separate season 5 guide for that via the Cardinal screen.

Method 1 - get battle pass tokens fast in warzone battle royale

Method 1 - get battle pass tokens fast in warzone battle royale

If you can, don't go to the super-busy ones, as you might die, but go to them where they're a little bit busy, hopefully with some teammates, because that way you get a bonus amount of XP for capturing with teammates. The zone is directed for like two minutes, and then they go offline. They're back for two minutes, and they go offline.

Just try and make sure you're in the zone as much as possible. Make sure you're getting kills. That kind of thing, as long as you're doing that, is really not too difficult to do badly, so I would say that's all I'm going to talk about under lockdown; it's a really good mode. So basically, plunder is a great game mode overall, for easy XP, and a kind of really fast way of learning up tears.

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I would say a 15- to 20-minute plunder game can give you a whole tier of progress, so you know it's easily three to four tiers per hour, obviously. You can increase that with, you know, battle pass tokens and so on, but yeah, that's fairly standard and not too difficult at all, so what would I recommend?

Well, what you want to do is spawn, and you want to quickly find an area of the map with a few players, so not many players, but lots of buildings or places to search for loot crates, and I'll explain in a minute why that is so important. So basically, when you're going to spawn and decide where to go, my advice is always to go somewhere away from the flight path.

It's not a super attractive place, so if there's some event going on or there's some reason why people are flocking to a certain area, you want to avoid that area because you're more likely to die, it's more crowded, people are going to be, you know, stealing, looting, and so on, and it's just not helpful, so pick someone that's away from the flight path.

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The flight path is going sort of, you know, from the bottom right to the top left. It's probably better to go either in the bottom left of the map or the top right of the map, so just kind of base it depending on where the flight path is and go away from that so that the further away you are, the less light you are to be disturbed.

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Obviously, it's helpful to play with teammates; we can talk about that later on because they can help boost your XP, but in. Your, ultimate goal in plunder is to get first place by earning as much money as possible so, what you want to do is run around opening, as many loot crates as you can by following the faint humming noise which indicates how close or where loot crates are on the map and if you're having problems with that obviously adjust your sound settings maybe use some headphones that kind of thing but yeah your main goal is actually in this case to find The Loot Crate so what you want to do is you want to keep moving to stay ahead and open as many of these crates as you can and if you find a cash deposit balloon or if you find those you know cash deposit, sites use those so you don't lose the money for example if you die because that can be really frustrating and then people can steal your money so you want to kind of keep on top now the reason for this is because you know in Battle Royale it's more about getting kills and staying alive for as long as you can in planets but like we say it's about earning money and so the higher you place the better you're gonna do so you want to try try.

And earn money more efficiently than your teammates, so basically do well in plunder, and one way to do that is by opening loot crates. Obviously, you can do contracts and stuff at the same time; we'll talk about that in a minute, but the main thing you want to focus on is these loot crates because they give you so much cash, and there are so many of them around that they're really easy to find, so like I said, deposit the cash if you have chances, and also keep an eye out for cash piles on the ground that are unsearched.

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Areas, for example, rooftops, will be unvisited. All you need to do is just survive but the thing is because there's not gonna be many players around and you're going to be relatively safe and the other thing is these, contracts the Most Wanted contracts which are now back in the game thankfully you can run down the timer by opening loot crates so given that our goal, is to kind of you know open loot, crates you might as well go for a Most Wanted contract if you can because it reduces the amount of time that you actually highlighted as a Target on the map so definitely try and do Most Wanted contracts, if you can while opening these loot crates you can do other ones as well like say like Intel and save cracker, but I'd say Most Wanted is the best one to go for you can go for other ones as well like Bounty and the good thing about that is that either your teammates can help you kill enemy players or.

As much as possible, obviously, kills are going to be less likely where you are, but if you know you have cleared out an area, you can always go somewhere else and, you know, get a few kills along the way, but the main focus should be the money contracts. That kind of thing definitely, like I say, try and work with your teammates if they're helpful.

Teamwork is important, and if you get first place, you get a lot of XP. Don't forget as well, obviously, that the pregame Lobby kills count towards XP and weapon XP, so make sure you make use of that as well. Also, make sure you're doing your challenges camo, challenges, and seasonal challenges, and try and overlap these, and these will all help you get more XP, but overall, the main thing is to play plunder do contracts. You know, open loot crates, you will do really well, you'll place highly, especially if you've got teammates, and you're going to do better because of it, and you'll earn these tokens really fast, so that's the first method we're going to talk about.

Method 2 - get battle pass tokens fast in dmz

Method 2 - get battle pass tokens fast in dmz

Second method, I wanted to talk about it.

DMZ, because it's a really good way as well, so, obviously, some people like DMZ and some people don't. You can spawn in, and if you lose, if you bring the stuff in, you can lose it. It's better if you've got insurance, weapon slots, a wallet, and all that kind of stuff upgraded. Just so that you can, it's easier to do it and play the game now.

The first thing is obviously that if you just go into DMZ, you'll do fairly well anyways the longer you survive, so it's a good mode for that, but I would just say try and play with teammates, and ideally, if you can communicate with them, perhaps friends, you just want to communicate with them to let them know what you're trying to do and they can help you.

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