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assist in killing 5 commanders

The m13c is a brand new assault rifle Immortal 2 and Warzone season 5 and it's similar to the much-loved m13b, that's already in the game now the m13c is available to unlock for free right now with the new limited time in-game, model for two and Warzone event called Shadow Siege which is basically a promotion and reveal event for modern fifth three and in this limited time event you have to spawn in capture eight missile launchers block desire Observatory, head there invade the bunker X4 with some gas canisters and get to the chopper in this mode you also have a bunch of challenges to do as part of this limited time event and if you complete the challenges you get a bunch of rewards including like a tear skip a gas canister weapon, charm and also this m13c.

Weapon now, once the event ends, there will likely be a new way to unlock it; if that's the case. I'll have a separate guide for that, but at the moment, this is the only way to get the weapon, so be sure to leave a like if you found this helpful and check out my other season 5 guides, like leveling out weapons and the battle pass, without further ado.

Let's dive straight into how to unlock the new m13c weapon to unlock this weapon in the event the challenge says you need to assist in killing five commanders. Now it might sound a bit tricky and a bit confusing, but don't worry, I'll show you how to do this very easily; it's nowhere near as difficult as it might sound.

best way to get m13c

So when you spawn, the first thing you want to do is you want to help your teammates capture all eight missile launchers as quickly as possible, and then you want to head over to the observatory bunker once the site has been nuked. When you get into the bunker, you'll need to x-fill gas canisters, so do this if you can, but try to gear up in the bunker along the way by getting things like self-revivals, stims, armor ammo guns, durable gas masks, lethal equipment, and ideally a kill streak, such as a bomb drone.

I'll explain in just a minute why that's important, but anyway, x-filled. Gas can assist, so pick one up; it will then put you into third-person mode. Run to one of the blue helicopter sites, deposit it there, and run back into the bunker to get more. After a little while, maybe when about half of them have been secured, there will be a juggernaut spawning in, or a commander, as they call them, to the Abzire observatory area, so what you want to do is you want to hang around the main underground bunker.

easiest way to get m13c

Corridor near the elevated doors I'll show you on the map where this is, and these elevator doors will keep opening and letting normal enemy AI come into the match while you're in the bunker, but at some point in the match, when it pops up saying that a commander spawned in these juggernauts will come in through that door, hang around that area so you can find them now; they'll normally be at least two, if not more.

Juggernauts will spawn at any one time in this area. There will be more later on, but at the moment there will be two or more, so once you see at least one Juggernaut, make sure you do some damage to both of them. I.e., put at least one bullet or throw a piece of lethal equipment at them to do a bit of damage.

fastest way to get the m13c

technically, because the challenge says you have to get an assist you just have to actually kill the commanders you just have to do a little bit of damage to them but the thing is other people might not try to immediately attack them so they might live for a while they might not be killed at the head; it's quicker to take them down yourself if you can because if they don't end up dying you won't get the assist the, way to do it is obviously keep firing at the juggernauts, aim for their head ideally as headshots do a lot more damage so don't aim in their body aim at the head it's easy to do and it's better with a weapon with more ammo such as an lmg or something like that anyway you want to keep throwing lethal equipment Restock ammo, take cover if you're getting fired out, and ideally use the bomb drone.

So basically, what we want to do is fly it towards the commanders and explode it. It will then do some damage to them, and it'll help you kill them more easily. So doing all these things will help you kill them more quickly, and eventually they will both die at that point you've got an assist for.

Those two commanders you then want to wait in that area, and then later on there'll be at least two more commanders, if not more, they're all spawning in. Like I said a little later on in the game, if the game prompts you to X in the helicopter before you've killed the commanders that are spawning, it might say you know commanders are spawning, but then it will say you've got a minute to get to the helicopter.

fastest way to get the m13c in modern warfare 2

Ignore the x-fill and stay on the map in the bunker because you want to try to kill these commanders if you can now. It doesn't matter if you don't exit because you won't die, but it is important to try and kill these commanders because that way you're going to make more progress with your challenge more quickly.

You should easily be able to do this in one game, maybe two, so it shouldn't take you too long at all, but once the game ends, if you've not assisted in killing five commanders to earn the m13c. You'll have to watch the intro cutscene again, but go straight back into it. Capture the sites. go to the SCI Observatory, and then wait for the juggernauts, To spawn, and then eventually, you will be able to do it; it shouldn't take you too long at all.

The key thing, I think, is just knowing where to find them. I didn't know at first where to find them, but if you hang around the area, they will be there. Just remember you. You only need to get an assist; you don't need to necessarily kill the drugs, but someone has to kill them in order for you to go and assist.

fastest way to unlock m13c in mw2

As long as you've done that five times, you will earn the weapon. It shouldn't be difficult at all because you literally just need to put one bullet into them. If you did, be sure to leave a like so that other people can find this article too. Also, be sure to check out my other season 5 guides, like leveling up weapons and the battle pass.

When this event ends, there'll be another way to end this weapon, and at that point I'll make a new guide for that, but if you like what you see, make sure to subscribe.

FASTEST WAY TO GET THE M13C In Modern Warfare 2 Shadow Siege Event - Assist In Killing 5 Commanders! Here is how to easily unlock the M13C Assault Rifle in the Modern Warfare 2 Warzone Season 5 Shadow Siege Event unlock M13C MW2.
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