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Mw3 gilded camo explained

And then we'll go into each of the camo challenges in particular in bre them down and talk about the quick tips for each of them but by all means if you want to jump to a specific part of the article there will be time stamps in the description, so please use them to jump to specific parts and hope you find this useful if you do be sure to drop a like on the article so that other people can find this article too now the Gilded camo is the modare 3 version of the gold camo you only have to complete four base challenges to unlock the gold camo challenge, camo challenges are the same on all assault rifles, before we get into the article If you're looking to permanently unlock the new mon 3 Mastery camos or play in bot lobbies to max out your guns and unlock camos quickly or even get your hands on an instant delivery pre-made account then be sure to check out Mitch cactus.

best way to get gilded assault rifles

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Now, by earning gilded or gold camo, if you like, you can then go on to earn the forged, which is the equivalent of platinum from Moner 2, the priceless, which is the equivalent of polyatomic from Moner 2, and the interstellar, which is the equivalent of Ryan from Monare 2, basically the mastery camo on all 36 base weapons in the game plus ongoing DLC weapons.

I e on all monare 3 weapons but not any of the mod 2 weapons now since season 1 has brought new weapons, you can use these DLC weapons instead of a base weapon if you want to swap it out. So currently, there are seven assault rifles, but you would need at least six to get gold. You don't have to do all of them if you don't like one of the base ones; you can use the DLC one instead, and you can do gold cam on just one of them, but you will need at least six.

Mw3 gilded camo challenges

Mw3 gilded camo challenges

If you're going for the Mastery Camos now , the main base camo challenges across the assault rifles are as follows: the first challenge says you need to get 50 kills with the weapon; the second challenge says you need to get 50 kills while aiming down sight with the weapon; the third challenge says you need to get 15 headshot kills with a weapon; and the fourth base camo challenge says you need to get 25.

Kills while in tactical stance, with the weapon we'll go through them individually in a minute, and once you then complete those four base camo challenges, your gilded camo challenge will then be available, and that final challenge to get the gilded or gold camo is you need to get three operator kills with one magazine 10 times with the weapon again, we'll talk about that in a minute, but before you do all this, the first main task you need to do is you need to actually unlock all these camo challenges.

Mw3 weapon xp fast

easiest way to get gilded assault rifles

By leveling up your weapon, unfortunately, you need to get to certain weapon levels for each of your assault rifles if you want to get them gold. Now, leveling up weapons fast via weapon XP methods is a little bit confusing; it's a little bit challenging. Methods are always changing in terms of which one is fastest, so do check out my separate weapon XP guide.

You want to play Close Quarters mosh pits involving Maps like shipment shoot house rust, or meat for zombies you want to do Sport control contracts you can also keep farming contracts, which will give you weapon XP farming xvs will give you weapon XP and doing the Act One tier 7 Dr Jensen mission where you go to the helipad. Load the deadbolt turret with ammo circuit boards and just let them automatically Kill the Zombies that will get you lots of weapon XP as well so those are kind of the best methods in zombies and for war zone the best method is currently plunder you want to do contracts especially Most Wanted open lots of loot containers, and then use your money to purchase items from the buy station and just simply rinse and repeat now I'll quickly talk about the generic, best maps and modes and class setup for going for these cam challenges and then we'll break down each challenge in particular in terms of maps or modes you generally want to go for mosh pits containing, shipment or rust or meat or another Close Quarters.

Mw3 best maps / gamemodes for gilded camo challenges

Mw3 best maps / gamemodes for gilded camo challenges

Map if there's new ones then obviously you make use of those but use any of the small fan favorite Maps meat is a new one from season 1 it's great but any of the other Maps will do if that MH pays in around the best maps you genely want to vote for are ones like shipment meat rust and others including scrapyard.

Mw3 gilded camo challenge class setup

Skid R subbase flla terminal and sometimes they also have other moner 2 maps including Farm 18 Mado and Shoot House, so try and go for those if you can, and obviously over time more maps will be added in terms of your general class setup for going for gold assault rifle camos for the outfit or your perks you want to put on the gun ofest to deploy with max ammo and improve your reload speed you want to put on the scavenger gloves as perk 2, which allows you to resupply ammo and throwing knives from dead players and the blacklight flashlight, from perk 2, which is your gear, and that's basically the tracker perk, which shows recent enemy footsteps.

easy gilded camo mw3

And for Perk 3 because of the vest we've gone for we can't have the third piece of our outfit but obviously you can put on a different vest with the third piece of outfit if you want to for the equipment I'd recommend putting on a stun grenade or a stem for the Tactical either to heal yourself or to slow the victim's movement and aiming so that makes them easier Target to shoot them lethals generally avoid, because that will take away from the kills you can get with the weapon for the challenge and for the field upgrade I'd recommend putting on something like dead silence which temporally makes your footstep, silent and applies ghost and getting kills will refresh the duration of this which is good for the score streaks I'd recommend trying to go for non-lethal. Score streaks and make sure the score streaks do not kill streaks, as that way they'll be easier to earn, and you want to put on something like a UAV counter UAV and then another one such as an advanced UAV all right, starting off with the first two base camo challenges.

EASY GILDED CAMO MW3 - FASTEST WAY TO GET GILDED ASSAULT RIFLES in Modern Warfare 3! Gold Camo MW3. Here is how to easily unlock gold gilded camo for Assault Rifles in Modern Warfare 3.
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