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Let's try this. Let's drop a Nick with this setup that Andre has provided for us. The last time we got a setup from Andre, it was on this map, so let's see if we can do the back-to-back on this map with the setup. If you do need to reload, the reload time on the RPK is very slow, but my God, this thing beams; it's like they want you to play it on this map in the air.

Exactly this must be the subscriber base building up. I have no idea what I'm doing here. The heart would go first to Nick of the stream to get those doubles, and the chop boys, there's another nuke using the subscriber build that Andre's dropping that I'm absolutely good at RPK. Let's see who's in the chat; double, you're coming out of state, and you'd love to see it, as the man begged over there.

Let's go double-nuke. Odeon So if it's like this RPG based on faces, then you could just use this RPG and like see if you're at a slow play slow enough and, just pop it, yeah, let's go, let's put them out of their misery, watch her come in. 70 yet for Two Double Nickel's RPK, he'd love to see it okay, so moving on to the build of this insane RPK.

class setup

This gun has absolutely zero recoil, and you see people using it in Warzone, but trust me, try it out in multiplayer. This thing does beam, so the first attachment we are rocking on this RPK is the Slimline Pro optic. That's just because it's better than the iron sights on a weapon like the RPK, where you're constantly going to be off in terms of tuning on the Slimline Pro.

You see, we have our inline sight speed increased in the hallway to -3. This is an LMG, so it's going to be quite slow, so where we can increase the 80s speed, we're going to do so, and then we have the far set to minus 160. The second attachment we're rocking on this rpk is the TAC 597, Barrel, so this helps us with our damage range movement speed and a bit of velocity.

Mostly, that's the main three we'll be looking at, and in terms of shooting on this, you'll see we have our Rico Cena set to plus, not 50. So this is essentially going to have zero recoil, as I said, and then we have our damage range here set to plus 21, increase that damage where possible, and make this essentially like a two-shot kill.


We didn't want to max out the side because we didn't want to lose out on that added speed. No, you can play around with this if you want; I have it set to plus not 21 for the moment, but if you want a more mobile build, you can decrease this and set it to minus not 25 or something, just so you get a little bit more mobility, but I'm just rocking not 21.

The third attachment rock on this RPK LMG is the F-Tac Tiger Grip. This is just to help us with our recoil serialization, our aim, and, well, stability in terms of shooting on the F-TAC tag grip. You see, we have our ads increased here; we have it set to minus not 57., uh, again, this is something we didn't want microscope because we didn't want to lose in the recoil, but as I said, the rpk doesn't move that much at all, so if you did want to, you could actually adjust it and maybe set it to minus 30, not 80.


I just have it at 57, just as a bit of a half medium, and then we've also set the emr's ability to plus 0.40, just so the rpk isn't twinning side to side with when we're ads, which is what we're going to be doing quite a lot on this build, and, as I said, it's not the most mobile, so where you can ads and preem, you're going to want to.

The fourth attachment we're rocking on the RPK LNG might be one of the most important, and that is the true track grip. Now, this is just to help us with our overall mobility on this, so as I said, as it's an LMG, it is going to be quite slow and clunky, so you see the true track grip helps us with our sprint to fire speed and our ads speed terms of tuning on the script, you see we have our ads speeds in set 2 minus not 61, the same as other attachments, not Max type because we don't want to lose it entirely in the recoil, and then we have our fire speed set to minus 45 again.

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The fifth and final attachment we're rocking on this RPK is the Pro Light TL3 stock, so again, this is just to help a bit on the mobility side, and you see it takes away our recoil control and whatnot but increases our ads speed on Sprint speed, and then in terms of tuning on the stock, you see we have our ads speed max the whole way.


So this is really where we're going to see that mobility come into play and where we can increase our ads speed as much as possible, and then we have our aim walking speed set here to minus 62, so normally I would increase the amino stability, but as I said, with the rpk, you want to be pre-im as much as possible, so that's why we've set this in walking speed.

So there you have it, there is the final build for the RPK LMG. honestly, this thing absolutely shreds in multiplayer.

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