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Dmz wall breach glitch

Dmz wall breach glitch

In today's article, we're going to be showing you guys a sweet under-the-map glitch that you can do on a DMZ.

How to getmoney in the dmz

Right, so step one what you want to do is grab yourself a motor vehicle well in this case it's a bike from anywhere around the map head to the location which is step two and then step three what you want to do is drive forward as fast as you can and smash the , bike in between, the box and the bridge if done correctly, you'll be stuck in there you can't reverse or anything like that but so step four what you want to do is pull back and accelerate, at the same time so you're going to be doing a wheelie and then you'll notice that the front wheel is going to keep going up and up and up when this reach the top is exit the vehicle you're going to spawn up on top of the bridge and then step six run back to the vehicle mount it and then what you're going to do is just push forward, and then go to the left hand side you don't have to push the acceleration, or nothing just push forward and then go to the left hand side for step seven which is the final set All you have to do now, chaps, is explore, go, and kill the NPCs.

Kill as many people as you like. Just explore it. As well, how do I get back on the map and revive people?

Unlimited wall breach glitch gameplay

All you have to do for that chap is jump on the bike, go to the narrowest part underneath the bridge, and then you can just exit the bike, and all of a sudden you're going to pop up on top of the bridge, and then you can just go and revive.

Dmz wall breach glitch tutorial

Yeah, boy, huge. Boys, yeah, you want me to revive you.

Come up and help me all. I'll come and revive you. Is there anyone left on your team who is alive? I don't know who the other cats were. I think they were on their own private chat. They weren't responding to anything. I don't know anything, brother. I play this for all right. Well, I'm going to come and get you.

I'm under the What's the goal, man? What are you guys trying to do? I just need to find some, like aspirin batteries, water bottles, and stuff like that. For me personally, I was recording a article getting underneath the map, and you guys made it perfect. Up, I'd kill one and let you crawl, but then there was someone else who came and finished you off.

I put him down. Someone came and finished him off. There's five of you all on the floor. Your spread extraction is inbound at this time. Time ultra one Dino is inbound for extraction; we're two clicks away.

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