News - Cod Warzone Mobile New Update Gameplay. Infinix Gt 10 Pro. Dimensity 8050. Max Graphics

cod warzone mobile

So I finally got the latest update for War Zone Mobile. I downloaded the latest version of the game APK through an external link because, no matter what I did, the update was not detected on the Play Store. Okay, so after the update, I didn't notice any major difference. Yes, the resolution of the graphics is better than before, but still, it's not the best.

The biggest issue is the FPS drops; it drops up to 20, and this only happens when packet bursts or high latency warnings occur. I think this is happening because if server overload after the global launch date reveal many new players joined the game and the beta limited servers are unable to carry the load, whatever.

I somehow managed to record a good match. I played this match today in the morning; it didn't lag like yesterday, maybe because at this time the server load is less, so yeah, here's the game play. I got a solo win. I hope you'll enjoy

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