News - Captain Price Is Back. Call Of Duty Warzone 2. Ps5 Gameplay Part-3


Go six the explosion got con's attention enemy inbound The captain is still not picking up any radiation. Johnny Garrick is anything but negative, as is Cory. There's no radioactive material. Coast you're still not picking up radiation spikes, which might not be why they're here. Nuclear may be a smoke screen to keep us off their trail; where the hell are they moving?

than something that packs a punch, Six to Watcher call for fire eyes on the last Tong copy takeo's taking, damage lasto destroyed nice work Whatever con's after stays on the ground, be advised. Bravo 6 Con has entered the reactor; you need to get down there and attack Hero. [__]] all station con's extracting chemical weapons con's taking the gas out on that Hilo; we're going to lose him.

Watcher, can you track them on it? Ghost stands by; this is six reactors sealed. I'm locked in ISR, which shows con entering the reactor up here. Sir, take the easy cap. You beat the gas, but you still need some time to recover. I'm fine; I got a headache, and always he's good. I was worried your face was going to melt, like those other people you asked me to be.

captain price

Con got away with the chemicals, affirmative Maob has been out of prison for 6 hours, and he's already ahead of us. The [__]] is in those gas remnants of Bov's program—sorry, highly concentrated, far more lethal one po contaminated the whole area they made off with enough to kill the whole country right now.

He's in Faroh's backyard; we've got to find them. Well, it was chemical weapons. Marov has highly concentrated sarin gas; did you secure it negative? The captain almost died. Try where he is. I'm here as well. Where are the missiles? ATT tracked Fire's missiles to an abandoned bunker complex built during the Cold War.

We know those bunkers so well. Farah, why does Con need a silo for portable missiles? Exactly we'll split up. I'll be by Farah. Just off the eggs, we'll spread out and sweep the complex to get those missiles back. Good i'm heading to ask for a contact who may be able to help us at the Colombian military base.


How are you getting in there alive? Good hunting, Bravo six to coost at the valley plan What's your status on target, Charlie? You got Alha Kilo, take Bravo, and stand by [__] sake. Phoh head on a swivel old man. Russ's back in a done contractor The Cony group pulled static chemicals from up north yesterday and stole my missiles at Sunrise, all less than 24 hours after Vladimir Marov walked himself out of a prison.

He works quickly; he's making up for lost time in his let's move. Who sent you the missiles? Shadow Company: Shadow Company has that kind of firepower; they're eron boys with tag vests; they're allies. They carried out a hit on my men. Commander Graves did this; yeah, well, he had his orders; yeah, from who?

General Shepherd did Shepherd send you those missiles? My weapons are my business. He's a very dangerous man. Farah, we are all dangerous, Captain. Look, I never want to lie to you, but I can't tell you everything. What you call classified, I call secrets. My country is under siege again. My brother warned us we should just go a lot deeper than us.

Well, then let's help each other like always. I hope you trust me implicitly.

CAPTAIN PRICE is back || CALL OF DUTY MODERN WARFARE 3 || PS5 GAMEPLAY PART-3 ||. . Brace yourselves, soldiers! Captain Price is back in action, and we're diving deep into the heart of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 to experience the return of this iconic character.
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