News - Call Of Duty Warzone 2 - I Tried My Best To Enjoy It, But Ultimately Failed

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After dumping so much [ __ ] on Modern Warfare 3 I went and gave this weekend fre Tri hour go and I'm going to be honest with you here not going to lie it suck Dunkey bows but not entirely nah there were a few nice things and just to show you I'm a decent human being I will focus on the nice things in life first or in this case the nice things in Modern Warfare 2 three, three sorry I keep mixing these completely different games up, man how [ __ ] am I supposed to cover the same.

Game. Anyways. As I said in a previous article, this did not disappoint. The movement and gunplay feel like they received a big improvement. This is purely an opinion, though, because many players like the slower gameplay of Modern Warfare 2, and not me. I love their Cate kind of C gameplay, and this has been a step in the right direction in my eyes, but still not enough to make me buy the game or not at full price, at least if it was 2009 or maybe back then.

Call of Duty offered only this fast multiplayer, rounds of Gade boom noways developers are putting way more on the table just to keep our short span attention long enough for us to buy a skin bundle we got Battle Royale modes large map modes vehicle modes no vehicle modes Co-op modes raids Lego modes the [__] You get the point we are used to getting more and less isn't enough anymore, but that's exactly the drawback that was expected and deserved by gaming companies that decided to push and normalize the life service model.

cod mw3 zombies

AKA, microtransaction madness, I'm getting too entangled in gaming politics. Sorry back on topic, the multiplayer mode of Modern Warfare 3 is fine; it's nice, it's smooth, and I do like it more than before the DLC hit, but that's it. Nothing else is worth buying. The game War Zone is well on a new map, and this new map looks like the old map, just kind of a remix, and you can use your leveled-up Modern Warfare 2 weapons attachments and blueprints, but of course they will push Modern Warfare 3 weapons to be meta, so you will need to level these to perform well in what is essentially the main selling point of the game, zombies.

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Aka the mode that replaced our beloved DMZ, and no one wants it. Well, many wanted zombies, but like old-school zombies where you spawn in a lobby and defeat waves of brains, that's all. That's literally what players wanted, and DMZ fans wanted just DMZ to continue getting content, and somehow these bastards mixed these two things up, and now DMZ fans and zombie fans are all upset and have to hand it to Activision.

Not many companies are capable of disappointing their players by having exactly what they desire and messing up the presentation. Of course, there will be fanboys who will tell me I'm wrong, and even though I cannot speak for all, I'm pretty sure I speak for many. Don't get me wrong. I tried to enjoy the zombie mode and went in fully prepared to give it a chance, but it's just so bad, and for one reason only: the lack of PVP.

That's it that's all there is to it since zombies are essentially bots and they have different difficulties, much like the AI in DMZ. The only thing that's lacking is for people to be able to shoot each other, or have you not watched like any [__] zombie movie ever made? The living are always way worse than the dead.

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We just wanted the chance to see someone fighting for their life amidst 50 badly written zombies and shooting them in the head for the loot. Instead, it's a full-on PVE grind where you just drive around and shoot zombies. The trio is kind of gone, and you no longer have to look over your shoulder in here.

Some sneaky sniper is going to drop you from a highrise, because now it's just these mindless MOS all over the place. I know many people will think, Yeah, but not everybody is sweaty. Try hard, and this mode is really chill for people like us, but that's exactly what we had with DMZ, for DMZ was a chill mode.

This is a killing floor on a large

If you are wondering "is MW3 worth it" or "should i buy MW3" then I hope you find the answer in this short video. I tried Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 in its free trial weekend, and was only half disappointed. CoD MW3 is good to a point, but definitely not worth its massive price tag. MW Zombies MWZ is the game mode that overshadowed DMZ and it doesn't really live up to walk in its shoes.
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